Cryptic Crown: Weapons-2019.

Cryptic Crown is an independent death metal band from Velbert, Germany. Founded in 2012 by members of the disbanded Insidious and Unhold, Often compared to early Bolt Thrower, Cryptic Crown plays death metal with influences from thrash metal that show society it’s ugly face in the mirror. Playing live since 2013, Cryptic Crown started to record their first Album “Weapons” in 2017. Due to being an independent band the process of recording and mixing took it’s time until it was finally finished in 2019. On 18th October 2019 “Weapons” was finally released digitally world wide and Cryptic Crown is already in the process of writing new songs for a new album. Cryptic Crown organizes the live concert event “Cryptic Nightmare” that takes place irregularly in the Underground club in Wuppertal, Germany. What first started as a simple birthday party for Cryptic Crowns guitar player Joschko, developed into a full live concert event for lesser and better known bands like “Backfired.Hate”, “Pripjat” and “Phobiatic” around north western Germany. Traditionally Cryptic Crown plays as opener there so the band members can enjoy the other bands and party with the fans.


Vocals, Bass

Past Members:

LuluGuitars (2013-2015)
AndyGuitars (2015)
1.Crystal Meth02:50  Show lyrics
2.Black Pearl of Death03:08  Show lyrics
3.Black Soul02:57  Show lyrics
4.They Come to Kill03:21  Show lyrics
5.Lightbringer03:53  Show lyrics
6.Nuclear Apocalypse04:30  Show lyrics
7.Weapons03:50  Show lyrics
8.Into the Endless Void03:11  Show lyrics
9.War03:16  Show lyrics
10.Cravalera03:50  Show lyrics
11.Next Trip04:04  Show lyrics
12.Demon Plague04:10  Show lyrics

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