Malice: In The Beginning…-80’s-1985.

Malice is a band of heavy metal from Los Angeles , California , United States , formed in 1980. [ 1 ]

Malice was formed in 1980, achieving moderate recognition from critics. The band disbanded after the release of the 1989 EP “Crazy In The Night”. But in October 2006, the group reunited with the original guitarists and bassist, adding new musicians on vocals and drums. On their 1987 album “License to Kill”, they make direct reference to the novel Christine by American author Stephen King in the song of the same name. Malice made an appearance in the 1988 film “Vice Versa”, playing a concert.


1982 DemoDemo1982 
1983 DemoDemo1983 
First 1984 DemoDemo1984 
Second 1984 DemoDemo1984 
Rockin’ With YouSingle1985 
In the Beginning…Full-length1985
License to KillFull-length1987
Crazy in the NightEP1989
The Rare and UnreleasedCompilation2008
New Breed of GodzFull-length2012
James NealVocals
Mick Zane (R.I.P. 2016)Guitars
Jay ReynoldsGuitars
Mark BehnBass, Synthesizer (Taurus pedals)
Clifford CarothersDrums

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