Gamma Ray: Land Of The Free-2021.

Gamma Ray is a German power metal band from Hamburg, founded and fronted by Kai Hansen after his departure from power metal band Helloween. He is the band’s lead vocalist, guitarist and chief songwriter. Between 1990 and 2014, Gamma Ray recorded eleven studio albums.


Heading for Tomorrow / Space EaterSingle1989 
Heaven Can WaitSingle1990 
Heaven Can Wait / Mr. OutlawSingle1990 
Space Eater / The SilenceSingle1990 
Heading for TomorrowFull-length1990
Kerrang! Plastic ExplosiveSplit1990 
Heaven Can WaitEP1990
Who Do You Think You Are?Single1990
Heading for the EastVideo1990 
One With The WorldSingle1991 
Sigh No MoreSingle1991 
Sigh No MoreFull-length1991
Power of MetalSplit video1993 
Future MadhouseSingle1993 
Melodic Metal Strikes BackSplit1993 
Insanity and GeniusFull-length1993
Lust for LiveVideo1993 
Power of MetalSplit1994 
Land of the FreeSingle1995 
Rebellion in DreamlandSingle1995
Land of the FreeFull-length1995
Silent MiraclesEP1996
Alive ’95Live album1996
Valley of the KingsSingle1997
Somewhere Out in SpaceFull-length1997
The Karaoke AlbumCompilation1997
Power PlantEP1999 
Power PlantFull-length1999
Blast from the PastCompilation2000
Heaven or HellSingle2001
No World Order!Full-length2001
Ultimate CollectionBoxed set2002 
Skeletons in the ClosetLive album2003
Land of the Free IIFull-length2007
Hell Yeah!!! The Awesome Foursome – Live in MontrealLive album2008
Hell Yeah!!! The Awesome Foursome – Live in MontrealVideo2008
Wacken Open Air 2009Video2009 
To the Metal!Single2010 
Heading for Tomorrow / Sigh No MoreCompilation2010 
Insanity and Genius / Land of the FreeCompilation2010 
Majestic / Land of the Free IICompilation2010 
To the Metal!Full-length2010
Alright! 20 Years of UniverseCompilation2010 
Skeletons & MajestiesEP2011
Skeletons & Majesties LiveLive album2012
Skeletons & Majesties LiveVideo2012 
3 in 1 Limited Edition BoxsetBoxed set2013 
Master of ConfusionEP2013
Someday / DemonseedSingle2014 
Empire of the UndeadFull-length2014
Time for DeliveranceSingle2014 
Pale RiderSingle2014 
I Will ReturnSingle2014 
The Best OfCompilation2015 
Heading for the EastLive album2015
Lust for LiveLive album2016 
30 Years Live AnniversaryLive album2021
Kai Hansen
Guitars (1989-present), Vocals (1995-present)
See also: Helloween, ex-Hansen & Friends, ex-Unisonic, ex-Iron Savior, ex-Avantasia (live), ex-Ancient Call, ex-Gentry, ex-Iron Fist, ex-Powerfool, ex-Second Hell
Dirk Schlächter
Guitars, Keyboards (1990-1997), Bass (1997-present)
See also: Avalanch, ex-Neopera, ex-Freedom Call (live)
Henjo Richter
Guitars, Keyboards (1997-present)
See also: The Unity, ex-Rampage, ex-Avantasia, ex-Airless, ex-Charon
Michael Ehré
Drums (2012-present)
See also: NitewalkPrimal FearSaekoThe Unity, ex-Love.Might.Kill, ex-Metalium, ex-Murder One, ex-Pryer, ex-Unisonic (live), Uli Jon Roth (live), ex-Firewind, ex-Starchild, ex-Vinnie Moore (live), ex-Hansen & Friends (live), ex-Matt Gonzo Roehr, ex-Kee Marcello (live)
Frank Beck
Vocals (2015-present)
See also: AlmanacMasters of Disguise, Red Raven

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