Fight: Into The Pit-2008.

Fight were an English-American heavy metal band assembled by vocalist Rob Halford after his departure from Judas Priest in 1992. He took with him drummer Scott Travis, though Travis also continued to drum for Judas Priest. The line-up was completed by Russ Parrish on guitar, Brian Tilse on guitar and keyboards, and Jack “Jay Jay” Brown on bass guitar, the latter of the two former members of Cyanide.[2]

During their three-year existence, Fight released two albums, War of Words (1993) and A Small Deadly Space (1995). They toured or played shows with the likes of PanteraAnthraxVoivod and Skid Row, and opened for Metallica on the 1994 Shit Hits the Sheds Tour.

The band’s musical proposal was quite different from Judas Priest; it was a mix between the heavy metal sound created by Judas Priest, and a thrash/groove metal sound similar to that of Pantera.

In 2007, Halford’s Metal God Entertainment released War of Words – The Film on DVD.


Little CrazySingle1993 
Little Crazy (Acoustic)Single1993 
Judgment DaySplit1993 
Nailed to the GunSingle1993 
War of WordsFull-length1993
Christmas RideSingle1994
Immortal SinSingle1994 
Blowout in the Radio RoomSingle1995 
I Am AliveSingle1995 
A Small Deadly SpaceFull-length1995
K5: The War of Words DemosCompilation2006
War of Words – The FilmVideo2007
Into the PitEP2008 
Into the PitBoxed set2008 
Nailed to the RoadLive album2008 
The Essential HalfordSplit2015
The Complete Albums CollectionSplit2017 
Jay Jay
Bass (1993-1995)
See also: ex-Cyanide, ex-Halford (live)
Scott Travis
Drums (1993-1995)
See also: Judas PriestThin LizzyRacer X, ex-Hawk, ex-Animetal USA, ex-The Scream
Brian Tilse
Guitars, Keyboards (1993-1995)
See also: ex-Cyanide, ex-Halford (live)
Rob Halford
Vocals (1993-1995)
See also: HalfordJudas Priest, ex-Hear ‘n Aid, ex-Black Sabbath (live), ex-2wo, ex-Abraxas, ex-Athens Wood, ex-Hiroshima, ex-Lord Lucifer, ex-Thark
Mark Chaussee
Guitars (1994-1995)
See also: ex-The Coup de Grace, ex-Marilyn Manson (live)

Past Members:

Russ ParrishGuitars, Keyboards (1993-1994)
See also: Steel Panther, The Thornbirds, ex-Atomic Punks, ex-Danger Kitty, ex-Metal Shop, ex-Metal Skool, ex-Moving Pictures, ex-Russ Parrish, ex-The Electric Fence, ex-War & Peace

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