Voice: The Storm-2017.

Voice:Melodic Power Metal from Germany.


Trapped in AnguishFull-length1999 
Golden SignsFull-length2001
The StormFull-length2017 
Sören Glas
Thommy Neuhierl
Oliver Glas
Sven “Leo” Leonhardt
Drums (2018-present)
See also: BergthronKultheitMannshoch, Dainty
Rainer Wild
Guitars (2018-present)

Past Members:

Stefan SchwarzmannDrums
See also: Pänzer, ex-Accept, ex-Helloween, ex-Herman Frank, ex-Krokus, ex-Paradox, ex-Running Wild, ex-U.D.O., ex-Cronos Titan, ex-X-Wild, ex-Godiva (live), ex-Born Loosers, ex-Canberra, ex-Die Suicides
Jens KugeDrums
Arndt OttoDrums
Rico HendelGuitars
Matthias LöscherKeyboards
Tilo RockstrohKeyboards
See also: Rockstorm, Wanders, ex-Antichrisis, ex-Squealer
Stephan StockburgerDrums (2017-2018)
See also: Cytotoxin, ex-The Four Chapters, Alcatraz, Coincidence, Narcosis of Illusion, ex-Dagnir en Gwann (live)

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