Trivium: In The Court Of The Dragon-2021.

Trivium:Metalcore Thrash from Orlando, Florida, United States.


Ember to InfernoFull-length2003
Road Rage Tour 2004 – Metal Radio EPSplit2004 
Blinding Tears Will Break the SkiesSingle2005 
Roadrunner RoadrageSplit2005 
Like Light to the FliesSingle2005 
Pull Harder on the Strings of Your MartyrSingle2005 
A Gunshot to the Head of TrepidationSingle2005 
Dying in Your ArmsSingle2005 
The RisingSingle2006 
Entrance of the ConflagrationSingle2006
Anthem (We Are the Fire)Single2006 
The CrusadeFull-length2006
The Black CrusadeSplit2007 
Becoming the DragonSingle2007 
Shogun EPEP2008 
Into the Mouth of Hell We MarchSingle2008 
Down from the SkySingle2008
Throes of PerditionSingle2009 
Shattering the Skies Above / Slave New WorldSingle2010
God of War: Blood & MetalSplit2010
Live from Chapman StudiosLive album2011 
In WavesSingle2011 
In WavesFull-length2011
Built to FallSingle2011 
Copenhell 2012Split2012 
Strife / Brave This StormEP2013 
Brave This StormSingle2013 
Vengeance FallsFull-length2013
Dead and GoneSingle2015 
Silence in the SnowSingle2015
Blind Leading the BlindSingle2015 
Until the World Goes ColdSingle2015 
Silence in the SnowFull-length2015
The Sin and the SentenceSingle2017
The Heart from Your HateSingle2017 
The Sin and the SentenceFull-length2017
I Don’t Wanna Be MeSplit2018 
Pillars of Serpents (2019)Single2019 
I Don’t Wanna Be MeSingle2019
Drowning in the SoundSingle2019
Kill the PoorSingle2019
What the Dead Men SayFull-length2020
In the Court of the DragonSingle2021
Matt Heafy
Guitars (1999-present), Vocals (backing) (1999-2000), Vocals (lead) (2000-present)
See also: Capharnaum, Dines X Heafy, Matthew K. Heafy, Mrityu, ex-Mindscar, ex-Machine Head (live), ex-Roadrunner United, ex-Tomorrow Is Monday
Corey Beaulieu
Guitars, Vocals (backing) (2003-present)
See also: ex-Machine Head (live)
Paolo Gregoletto
Bass, Vocals (backing) (2004-present)
See also: ex-Metal Militia, ex-(‘M’) Inc. (live)
Alex Bent
Drums, Percussion (2017-present)
See also: DragonlordUnderling, ex-Brain Drill, ex-Arkaik, ex-Battlecross, ex-Hatriot, ex-Sidian, ex-Decrepit Birth (live), ex-Gus G. (live), ex-Rings of Saturn (live), ex-Testament (live), ex-Monumental Torment, ex-Angel Vivaldi (live)
2.In the Court of the Dragon05:09  Show lyrics
3.Like a Sword over Damocles05:30 
4.Feast of Fire04:18  Show lyrics
5.A Crisis of Revelation05:35 
6.The Shadow of the Abattoir07:11 
7.No Way Back Just Through03:53 
8.Fall into Your Hands07:45 
9.From Dawn to Decadence04:08 
10.The Phalanx07:15  Show lyrics

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