Snail: Fractal Altar-2021.

Snail:Psychedelic Doom Metal from United States.


All Channels Are OpenEP1994 
Untitled (4-way Split)Split1995 
Nothing Left for You / FearlessSingle2020 
Fractal AltarFull-length2021
Matt Lynch
Bass (1992-1995, 2008-present)
See also: Pissing RazorsThe Sixth, Years of Cold
Marty Dodson
Drums (1992-1995, 2008-present)
See also: ex-Broad Rangers, ex-Mark Hummel, ex-P.A.S.T.E., ex-The Puppycats
Mark Johnson
Vocals, Guitars (1992-1995, 2008-present)
See also: ex-The Crucified, ex-Martyr, ex-Blessing the Hogs, ex-P.A.S.T.E.

Past Members:

Eric ClausenGuitars (2008-?)
See also: ex-Martyr, Broad Rangers, Buzzwurd

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