Ice War: Sacred Land-2021.

Ice War:Epic Doom from Canada.


Battle ZoneSingle2015 
We Will StandSingle2015
Dream SpiritSingle2016 
Reverence of GoldSingle2016 
Battle ZoneEP2016 
Ice WarFull-length2017
First Four SinglesCompilation2018 
Manifest DestinySingle2018 
Manifest DestinyFull-length2018
No Way of Turning BackEP2019 
I Would Die for YouSingle2019 
Arrowhead / The DarkSingle2019 
Canadian ClassicsFull-length2019 
Vicious MindEP2019 
Ice War / Mystic StormSplit2020 
Defender, DestroyerFull-length2020
Shout OutEP2020 
Whipstriker / Ice WarSplit2021
Sacred LandFull-length2021
Jo Capitalicide
See also: AphroditeCannibalDexezonExpungedSpectral Dance, ex-Trioxin 245, ex-Tempête, ex-Iron Dogs, Blue Cross, Defonce, Devastate, La Loix, Metachrist, Zex, Вредители, ex-Barrow Wight (live), ex-Cauchemar (live), ex-Bastardator, ex-Germ Attak, ex-Mental Rescue

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