Shadow Kingdom: Eyes Of Pain-2021.

Shadow Kingdom:Heavy Metal from United States.


The ReflectionEP2018 
Eyes of PainFull-length2021 
Jesse Neafsey
See also: Soul Conversion, ex-Where the Corpses Fall
Mark Stephen Boutot
Greg Alfonso
See also: ex-Sick from Hate, ex-Sounds from Hell, ex-Necromansy, ex-Double Shot, ex-Half Apology, ex-Retribution
Robert Slater
See also: Fear Apparent, ex-Never Sleep, ex-Ground Zero, ex-Wäricide, ex-Menace, ex-Valor

Past Members:

Nino ZazzarinoBass
Carlos ZazzarinoDrums
Greg KalasDrums
Anthony QuintilianoGuitars
See also: M.S.W.

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