Inner Call: Leviathan-2021.

Inner Call:Heavy Metal from Brazil.


Inner CallFull-length2016 
Luiz Omar Gonçalves
Drums (2009-present)
See also: ex-Fright Night
Roberto Índio Santos
Vocals (2015-present)
Gabriel Heiligen
Guitars (2017-present)
Ícaro Arthur
Bass (2020-present)
Leo Mascarenhas
Guitars (2020-present)

Past Members:

Regis FarinaBass (2009-2015)
Rafael PereraGuitars (2009-2015)
See also: Arken
Renato PasseroGuitars (2009-2015)
See also: Arken
Fabio LimaVocals (2009-2015)
See also: Arken
Uilian RochaBass (2015-?)
See also: ex-The Cross
Alexandre VitorinoGuitars (2015-?)
See also: BehaviorVermis Mortem, Quinto dos Infernos, ex-MadDög (live)
Benson LisboaGuitars (2015-2016)

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