Starlight Ritual: Sealed In Starlight-2021.

Starlight Ritual:Heavy Doom Metal from Montreal, Canada.


Starlight RitualEP2015
Age of the UniverseEP2016
Sealed in StarlightFull-length2021
Bass (2014-present)
Lou Weed
Drums (2014-present)
Dan Toupin
Guitars (lead) (2014-present)
J-F Bertrand
Guitars (lead) (2014-present)
See also: ForteresseNordmenSacrenoirDéliquescence, ex-Teutates, ex-Winterwitch, ex-Ur Falc’h, ex-Brume d’Automne, ex-Blutskrieg
Damian Ritual
Vocals (lead) (2014-present)
See also: Spiral Wheel

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