Poverty’s No Crime: A Secret To Hide-2021.

Poverty’s No Crime:Proggressive Metal from Germany.


My Favourite DelusionDemo1993 
Perfect WingsDemo1994 
The Autumn YearsFull-length1996 
Slave to the MindFull-length1999 
One in a MillionFull-length2001
The Chemical ChaosFull-length2003 
Save My SoulFull-length2007 
Spiral of FearFull-length2016 
A Secret to HideFull-length2021
Andreas Tegeler
Drums (1991-present)
See also: BleedingLevel FieldsLife ArtistScythe Beast, ex-Pride Shall Fall, ex-Chateau
Marco Ahrens
Guitars (1991-present)
See also: Level Fields
Volker Walsemann
Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards (1991-present)
Heiko Spaarmann
Bass (2001-present)
See also: AssignmentBleeding, ex-Thorn
Jörg Springub
Keyboards (2001-present)

Past Members:

Christian ScheeleBass (1991-1999)
Marcello ManiscalcoKeyboards (1991-1999)
Pepe PierezVocals (2007-?)
See also: Ancient Curse, ex-Sons of Seasons, ex-Bonebreaker

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