Dokken: Hell To Pay-2004.

Dokken is an American glam metal band formed in 1979. It split up in 1989 and reformed four years later. The band had many charting singles like “Alone Again“, “In My Dreams” and “Burning Like a Flame” and have sold more than 10 million albums worldwide.[11] The live album Beast from the East was nominated for the inaugural Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 1989.[12]

The classic Dokken line-up consisted of founder Don Dokken on vocals, George Lynch on lead guitar, Mick Brown on drums and Jeff Pilson, who replaced the Ratt-bound Juan Croucier in 1983, on bass; this line-up remained stable from 1983 to 1989, and again from 1993 to 1998,[13] and briefly reunited in 2016.[14] After several personnel changes on guitar, Dokken’s attorney Jon Levin stepped in to fill the role in 2004. In 2001, Barry Sparks replaced Pilson on bass. In 2009, Sean McNabb (formerly with Great White and Quiet Riot) replaced him, and was then replaced by Chris McCarvill in 2015. As of Mick Brown’s retirement from the band in July 2019, Don Dokken is the only remaining original band member. Brown’s vacancy was filled by BJ Zampa of House of Lords fame.


Hard Rock Woman / Broken HeartSingle1979 
Sheila / I Can’t See You AnymoreSingle1979 
Back in the StreetsDemo1980 
I Can See You / Breakin’ the ChainsSingle1981 
Young Girls / ParisSingle1981 
Breakin’ the ChainsFull-length1981
We’re Illegal / ParisSingle1982 
Breaking the Chains / FelonySingle1983
Breaking the Chains / Paris is BurningSingle1983 
Heavy Metal ThunderSplit1983
Breaking the ChainsFull-length1983
Alone Again / Tooth and NailSingle1984
Into the FireSingle1984 
Just Got Lucky / Don’t Close Your EyesSingle1984 
Alone Again / Just Got LuckyEP1984 
Tooth and NailFull-length1984
Bullets to SpareSingle1984 
The HunterSingle1985
It’s Not LoveSingle1985 
Under Lock and KeyFull-length1985
Lightning Strikes AgainSingle1986
Unchain the NightVideo1986 
In My DreamsSingle1986
1987 DemoDemo1987 
Burning like a FlameSingle1987
Heaven SentSingle1987 
Dream WarriorsEP1987
Back for the AttackFull-length1987
Two for TuesdaySingle1988 
Back for the DokkenCompilation1988 
So Many TearsSingle1988 
Alone Again (Live)Single1988 
Beast from the EastLive album1988
Walk Away (Live)Single1989 
The Best of DokkenCompilation1994 
Dysfunctional SamplerSingle1995 
Shadows of LifeSingle1995 
Too High to FlySingle1995 
One Live NightLive album1995 
From The BeginningSingle1996 
I FeelSingle1997 
Puppet On A StringSingle1997 
The Very Best of DokkenCompilation1999
Erase the SlateFull-length1999
One Live NightVideo2000 
Live from the SunLive album2000
Live from the SunVideo2000 
Originals of DokkenBoxed set2001 
Yesterday and TodayCompilation2001
Sunless DaysSingle2002 
Long Way HomeFull-length2002
Then & NowCompilation2002
Japan Live ’95Live album2003 
Japan Live ’95Video2003 
Alone Again and Other HitsCompilation2003
Better Off BeforeSingle2004 
Change the World: An IntroductionCompilation2004 
Hell to PayFull-length2004
The Definitive Rock CollectionCompilation2006 
Rhino Hi-Five: DokkenEP2006 
Unchain the NightVideo2007 
From Conception: Live 1981Live album2007
Standing on the OutsideSingle2008 
Lightning Strikes AgainFull-length2008
Original Album SeriesBoxed set2009 
Almost OverSingle2010 
Bus Stop / LiesSingle2010 
Greatest HitsFull-length2010 
Broken BonesFull-length2012
Return to the East Live (2016)Live album2018 
The Undying Light (Live 1995)Live album2020 
The Lost Songs: 1978-1981Compilation2020
Don Dokken
Vocals, Guitars (rhythm) (1977-1989, 1993-present)
See also: ex-Hear ‘n Aid, Don Dokken, ex-War & Peace
Jon Levin
Guitars (2004-present)
See also: ex-Warlock, ex-Doro, ex-Devias
Chris McCarvill
Bass (2017-present)
See also: ex-Eddie Ojeda, ex-X Factor X, ex-Obsession, ex-Stygia, ex-House of Lords, ex-Safe Haven
B.J. Zampa
Drums (2019-present)
See also: Peacemaker, ex-Thunderhead, ex-Wayne, House of Lords, Maxx Explosion, ex-Driver, ex-Obsession, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen (live)

Past Members:

Juan CroucierBass (1977), Bass, Vocals (1980-1983)
See also: Ratt, ex-Quiet Riot, ex-Dirty Rats, ex-DuBrow, ex-Liquid Sunday
Steve R. BarryBass, Vocals (1977-1979)
Greg PeckaDrums (1977-1979)
See also: ex-Hellion, ex-Julliet
Greg LeonGuitars (1977-1979)
See also: The Greg Leon Invasion, ex-Mötley Crüe, ex-Quiet Riot, ex-Suite 19
Mick BrownDrums (1979-1989, 1993-2019)
See also: T&N, ex-Hear ‘n Aid, ex-Lynch Mob, ex-Ted Nugent, ex-The End Machine, ex-Tooth and Nail, ex-Xciter
Gary HollandDrums (1980)
See also: ex-Titanium Black, ex-Blue Cheer, ex-Britton, ex-Circus Circus, ex-Dante Fox, ex-Great White, ex-Skin On Skin
George LynchGuitars (lead) (1980-1989, 1993-1998, 2016)
See also: T&N, ex-Hear ‘n Aid, Dirty Shirley, Electric Freedom, KXM, Souls of We, Sweet & Lynch, The Banishment, The End Machine, ex-Lynch Mob, ex-Lynch-Pilson, ex-Xciter
Jeff PilsonBass, Vocals (1983-1989, 1993-2001), Keyboards (1984)
See also: T&N, ex-Hear ‘n Aid, Black Swan, Foreigner, Freakshow, The End Machine, ex-Craig Goldy, ex-Minoru Niihara, ex-Dio, ex-Power Project, ex-Cinema, ex-Flesh And Blood, ex-Frontiers All Stars, ex-George Lynch, ex-Lynch Mob, ex-Lynch-Pilson, ex-McAuley Schenker Group, ex-Rock Justice, ex-Tooth and Nail, ex-Underground Moon, ex-War & Peace
Reb BeachGuitars (1998-2001)
See also: Black Swan, The Mob, Whitesnake, Winger, ex-Night Ranger, ex-Reb Beach
Barry SparksBass (2001-2009)
See also: Durbin, ex-Guy Mann-Dude, ex-Roland Grapow, Corporate Control, Michael Schenker Group, B’z (live), ex-Cosmosquad, ex-Marty Friedman, ex-Miloš Dodo Doležal, ex-Tony MacAlpine, ex-Vinnie Moore, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-John West, ex-Ted Nugent, ex-UFO (live)
John NorumGuitars (2002-2003)
See also: Europe, John Norum, Nordic Beast, ex-Wild Willy’s Gang (live), ex-Eddie Meduza & The Roaring Cadillacs, ex-UFO
Sean McNabbBass (2009-2014)
See also: ex-Queensrÿche (live), Let It Rawk, Rough Riot, ex-Quiet Riot, ex-Resurrection Kings, ex-Adler’s Appetite, ex-Badd Boyz, ex-Black Bart, ex-Burning Rain, ex-Great White, ex-House of Lords, ex-Lynch Mob, ex-Rough Cutt, ex-XYZ
Mark BoalsBass, Vocals (backing) (2014-2017)
See also: Byron Nemeth GroupDramaticaJoshua PerahiaLyrakaMark BoalsRing of FireSeven the HardwayShining Black, ex-Holy Force, ex-The Codex, ex-Vindictiv, Dio Disciples, Foundry, ex-Iron Mask, ex-Labÿrinth, ex-Royal Hunt, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Adrian Galysh, ex-Billionaires Boys Club, ex-Genius, ex-Savoy Brown, ex-Ted Nugent, ex-Uli Jon Roth

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