Impalers: God From The Machine-2015.

Impalers:Thrash Metal from Denmark.


Army of DarknessDemo2009 
A Necessary EvilDemo2011 
Power Behind the ThroneFull-length2013
Prepare for WarEP2014 
God from the MachineFull-length2015
Styx DemonSingle2016 
Styx Demon: The Master of DeathEP2017
Terrestrial DemiseSingle2017 
The Celestial DictatorFull-length2017 
From Ashes to IronEP2019 
Søren Crawack
Vocals, Guitars (rhythm) (2007-2019)
See also: ex-Ironguard (live)
Rasmus Kjær
Drums (2009-2019)
See also: Agent SteelDisintegrated
Thomas Carnell
Guitars (lead) (2011-2019)
Kenneth Frandsen
Bass (2013-2019)
See also: ex-Beyond Reality, ex-Defiled Dreams, ex-Illnath, ex-Philomel’s Epitaph, ex-Renégadeth, ex-Indoctrination

Past Members:

Dan SkøttBass (2007-2013)
See also: Anethera, ex-Disintegrated (live)
Niklas SommerDrums (2007-2009)
See also: ex-Encyrcle, ex-Ironguard, ex-Purifactor
Trond KrügerGuitars (lead), Vocals (backing) (2007-2011)
See also: ex-All in Ashes
Jonas QuistGuitars (lead) (2011)

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