Suidakra: Wolfbite-2021.

Suidakra:Melodic Death Metal from Germany.


Lupine EssenceFull-length1997
Auld Lang SyneFull-length1998
Lays from AfarFull-length1999
The ArcanumFull-length2000
Emprise to AvalonFull-length2002
Signs for the FallenFull-length2003
Command to ChargeFull-length2005
13 Years of Celtic WartunesVideo2008
Book of DowthFull-length2011
The Eternal ChroniclesEP2013 
Eternal DefianceFull-length2013
Realms of OdoricFull-length2016
Cimbric YarnsFull-length2018
Echoes of YoreFull-length2019
Arkadius “Akki” Antonik
Vocals, Guitars (1994-present), Keyboards (2000-present)
See also: Realms of Odoric, Arkadius Antonik, ex-Fall of Carthage
Sebastian Jensen
Guitars, Vocals (clean) (2009-2010, 2018-present)
See also: ex-Human Debris, Fall of Carthage (live)
Tim Siebrecht
Bass, Vocals (backing) (2012-2016, 2019-present)
See also: ex-Sleeping Gods
Ken Jentzen
Bass (2018-2019), Drums (2019-present)
See also: Exit Smashed, ex-Human Debris, ex-Only Death Decides, Whoreship

Past Members:

Christoph ZacharowskiBass (1994-1998)
See also: ex-Brutal Unrest
Stefan MöllerDrums, Vocals (1994-2000)
Daniela VoigtKeyboards, Vocals (1994-2000)
Marcel SchoenenGuitars, Vocals (clean) (1996-2000, 2005-2007)
Nills BrossBass (1998-1999)
F.T.Bass (1999-2001)
See also: Sabiendas, ex-Goat of Mendes, ex-Zarathustra, ex-Irmingot (live)
Lars WehnerDrums, Percussion, Vocals (backing) (2001-2018)
See also: ex-Autumn Nostrum
Marcus RiewaldtBass (2002-2012)
See also: Arath, ex-Autumn Nostrum, ex-Deathtruction, ex-Dysterwald, ex-Equilibrium
Matthias KupkaGuitars, Vocals (clean) (2004-2005)
See also: Emergency GateStormHammer, ex-Still It Cries, Pussy Patrol, Sinnestäter, Wilde Jungs
Marius “Jussi” PeschGuitars, Vocals (backing) (2012-2018)
See also: Kingdom of Salvation, ex-Ravage (live)
Jan JansohnBass (2016-2018)
See also: All Will KnowNothgard, ex-Adorned Brood, ex-Agathodaimon, ex-Parasite Inc. (live), ex-Opalessence

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