Desaster: Churches Without Saints-2021.

Desaster:Black Thrash Metal from Germany.


The Evil Dead Will Rise AgainDemo1989 
The Fog of AvalonDemo1993 
Lost in the AgesDemo1994 
Desaster / UngodSplit1995
A Touch of Medieval DarknessFull-length1996
Hellfire’s DominionFull-length1998
Ride on for RevengeSingle1998 
Ten Years of Total DesasterCompilation1999
Tyrants of the NetherworldFull-length2000
Desaster… in League with… PentacleSplit2000 
Souls of InfernityEP2001
Divine BlasphemiesFull-length2002
Live in Serbian HellLive album2003 
Live at the Party San Open AirVideo2003 
Brazilian Blitzkrieg BlasphemiesLive album2004 
Invaders of WrathSplit2005 
Sabbatical DesasterminatorSplit2005 
Infernal VoicesEP2006
Satan’s Soldiers SyndicateFull-length2007
20 Years of Total DesasterCompilation2009
Zombie Ritual / Devil’s SwordSingle2010 
The Arts of DestructionFull-length2012
Live in BambergLive album2014 
Imperial Anthems No. 17Split2015
As the Deadworld CallsCompilation2016 
The Oath of an Iron RitualFull-length2016
Black CelebrationSingle2019
Ancient Gallery Volume 2 – The Battle of ArmageddonSplit2020 
Desaster / DecayedSplit2020
Churches Without SaintsFull-length2021
Guitars (1988-1990, 1992-present)
See also: Moontowers
Bass (1993-present)
Vocals (2001-present)
See also: ex-Divine Genocide, ex-Infektor, Heathen Doom
Drums (2018-present)
See also: ex-Divine Genocide, ex-Monastery, ex-Jupiter Jones

Past Members:

Creator CassieBass, Vocals (1988-1990)
Alexander ArzDrums (1988-1990)
See also: ex-Eurynomos, ex-Lost Chapter
LuggiDrums (1992-1995)
OkkultoVocals (1992-2001)
See also: Eurynomos
Tobias “Thorim” MölichDrums (1995-1996)
TormentorDrums (1996-2018)
See also: AsphyxCarnal GhoulMetaluciferRotten CasketTrinitas, ex-Infektor, ex-Deathfist, ex-Decayed, ex-Metal Inquisitor, ex-Satanika, ex-Sodom, ex-Crom (live)

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