Darkwater: Human-2019.

Darkwater is a progressive metal band from Borås, Sweden. The band was formed late 2003 in the western parts of Sweden. During the first years of existence, they only did a few selected shows in Sweden while working on the material for their debut album. During summer and fall 2006, Darkwater recorded and mixed the album, and in early 2007, a deal was signed with the Swedish label Ulterium Records.

The debut album “Calling the Earth to Witness” was released in May 2007 and received good reviews worldwide. Darkwater’s blend of melodic and progressive metal took inspiration from bands like Symphony XDream TheaterAndromeda, and Evergrey.

In May 2008, Darkwater recorded and released a music video for the track “The Play II”[1] and in June they did their first show in the US, at the Bay Area Rock Fest together with Liquid Tension ExperimentJeff Scott Soto among others.

After additional touring in Europe, including at ProgPower Europe 2010, Darkwater released their second album “Where Stories End” in late 2010. Although differing slightly from the debut, being more direct and song-oriented than “Calling the Earth to Witness”, the follow-up became equally critically acclaimed as the debut. A music video promoted the album, “Breathe”.[2]

In September 2011, Darkwater participated at the 12th edition of ProgPower USA.[3]

In 2013, the band announced via Facebook that they were working on their third album, which they anticipated would be released sometime in 2015.[4] They released their new album “Human” eventually in March 2019.


Calling the Earth to WitnessFull-length2007
Where Stories EndFull-length2010
Alive (Part II)Single2019 
A New BeginningSingle2019 
In Front of YouSingle2019 
Simon Andersson
See also: AudioPlastik, ex-Pain of Salvation
Tobias Enbert
See also: Harmony
Markus Sigfridsson
See also: All Things FallenHarmony, ex-7days
Magnus Holmberg
See also: ex-Harmony
Henrik Båth
Vocals, Guitars
See also: Universal Mind ProjectWaken Eyes, Night Watch, ex-Harmony

Past Members:

Karl WassholmBass

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