Bewitched: At The Gates Of Hell-1999.

Bewitched:Black Thrash Metal from Sweden.


Diabolical DesecrationFull-length1996
Encyclopedia of EvilEP1996
Glorification / Encyclopedia of EvilSplit1996 
Pentagram PrayerFull-length1997
The World Domination LiveSplit1998 
Hell Comes to EssenLive album1998 
At the Gates of HellFull-length1999
Diabolical Desecration + Encyclopedia of EvilCompilation2002 
Rise of the AntichristFull-length2002
Atrocities in A-MinorEP2004
Spiritual WarfareFull-length2006
The Dawn of the DemonsBoxed set2018 
Encyclopedia of Evil & Hell Comes to EssenCompilation2020 
Guitars, Vocals (1995-present)
See also: Ancient WisdomEudaimonyNaglfarTrinitasHavayoth, ex-Throne of Ahaz, ex-Ancient
Bass (1996-present)
See also: Naglfar, ex-Bloodline, ex-Necrophobic (live), ex-Midvinter, ex-Setherial
Guitars (2000-present)

Past Members:

Robert “Zoid” SundelinUnknown
See also: HellmaskerSatariel, ex-Morthirim, ex-Leprechaun, ex-Deathbound, ex-Necromicon, ex-Twilight, ex-Bootpunk, ex-Cide, ex-Game Over, ex-The Hippos, ex-Zmegma
ReaperDrums (1995-1997)
BlackheimGuitars, Vocals (1995-1997)
See also: BloodbathKatatonia, ex-Diabolical Masquerade
StormlordDrums (1998-2004)
SpiderGuitars (1998)
See also: Auberon, Stormleigh, ex-Goatsodomizer, ex-Naglfar, ex-Disorge, ex-Scandinavia

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