Spellcaster: Night Hides The World-2016.

Spellcaster:Heavy Metal from Portland, Oregon, United States.


Spells of SpeedEP2010
Under the SpellFull-length2011 
Night Hides the WorldFull-length2016
Gabe Franco
Bass (2009-2017)
See also: ex-Seventh Gate, ex-Idle Hands, Unto Others, ex-Silver Talon
Colin Vranizan
Drums (2012-2017)
See also: ex-Idle Hands, Unto Others, ex-Silver Talon
Bryce Adams Vanhoosen
Guitars (2012-2017)
See also: Silver Talon, Lucifer’s Child
Sebastian Silva
Guitars (2016-2017)
See also: Cobra SpellSilver Talon, ex-Maniak, ex-Idle Hands, Lucifer’s Child, Unto Others, ex-Alpha Viper, ex-Arachnid, ex-Excruciator, ex-Leathürbitch, ex-Raptor, ex-Coffin Rot (live)

Past Members:

See also: Cemetery Lust
Nasty NateGuitars
See also: ex-Cemetery Lust
Shad CovertDrums (2009-2012)
Cory BoydGuitars (2009-2016)
See also: ex-Idle Hands, Lucifer’s Child
Tyler LoneyGuitars (2009-2012), Vocals (2012-2017)
Thomas AdamsVocals (2009-2012)
See also: Alpha Viper
Scott DeRosiaDrums (2012)
See also: Valiant Bastards, ex-Relent for No One, ex-Tanagra

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