Holy Grail: Times Of Pride And Peril-2016.

Holy Grail:Heavy Power Metal from Pasadena, California, United States.


Improper BurialEP2009
My Last AttackSingle2010 
Crisis in UtopiaFull-length2010
Seasons BleedingsEP2011 
Label Showcase – Prosthetic RecordsSplit2012
Dark PassengerSingle2012 
Ride the VoidFull-length2013
Times of Pride and PerilFull-length2016
Blake Mount
Tyler Meahl
See also: ex-Huntress, ex-White Wizzard, ex-Jet Fuel
Eli Santana
Guitars, Vocals
See also: Incite, ex-Huntress
James-Paul Luna
See also: ex-White Wizzard, ex-Jet Fuel
Alex Lee
Guitars (2011-present)
See also: Alex Lee, ex-Bonded by Blood

Past Members:

Jessie SanchezBass
See also: Bonded by BloodCircle of Violence, Black Oil, ex-Warbringer, ex-Fear Factory (live), ex-Kauze
Ian ScottGuitars
See also: ex-Utopia Banished
James J. LaRueGuitars (2008-2010)
See also: White WizzardRaise the Guns (live), ex-Vindicator
Eric HarrisGuitars (2008)
See also: Gygax, ex-Gypsyhawk, ex-Huntress, ex-Skeletonwitch

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