Helloween: Helloween-2021.

Helloween:Power Speed Metal from Hamburg, Germany.


Markus GrosskopfBass (1983-present)
See also: ex-Shock Machine, ex-Weinhold, ex-Bassinvaders, Kickhunter, ex-Avantasia, ex-Trick or Treat (live), ex-Edguy (live), ex-Roland Grapow, ex-Blast Furnace, ex-Gentry, ex-Iron Fist, ex-Second Hell
Michael WeikathGuitars (1983-present)
See also: ex-Blast Furnace, ex-Iron Fist, ex-Powerfool
Kai HansenGuitars, Vocals (1983-1988, 2017-present)
See also: Gamma Ray, ex-Hansen & Friends, ex-Unisonic, ex-Iron Savior, ex-Avantasia (live), ex-Ancient Call, ex-Gentry, ex-Iron Fist, ex-Powerfool, ex-Second Hell
Michael KiskeVocals (1986-1993, 2017-present)
See also: Kiske / SomervillePlace Vendome, ex-Unisonic, Michael Kiske, ex-Avantasia (live), ex-Ill Prophecy, ex-SupaRed
Andi DerisVocals (1994-present)
See also: Andi Deris and the Bad Bankers, ex-Pink Cream 69, ex-Kymera, ex-Dragon, ex-Nameless, ex-Paranoid
Sascha GerstnerGuitars (2002-present)
See also: Palast, ex-Freedom Call, ex-Lanzer (live), ex-Dreamgate
Dani LöbleDrums (2005-present)
See also: ex-Glenmore, ex-Höllenhunde, Gotthard (live), ex-Krokus (live), ex-Rawhead Rexx, ex-Blaze (live), ex-Element 58


Death Metal DemoDemo1984
Death MetalSplit1984
Metal Attack Vol. 1Split1985 
Walls of JerichoFull-length1985
Hell on Wheels Tour SamplerSplit1987 
Future WorldSingle1987
Keeper of the Seven Keys Part IFull-length1987
…Pumpkin NoiseSingle1988 
Dr. SteinSingle1988
Keeper of the Seven Keys Part IIFull-length1988
I Want OutSingle1988
I Want Out LiveLive album1989
I Want Out LiveSingle1989
MTV Headbangers BallSplit1989 
Live in the U.K.Live album1989
Keepers LiveLive album1989
Pumpkin TracksCompilation1989
Kids of the CenturySingle1991
Pink Bubbles Go ApeFull-length1991
The Best • The Rest • The RareCompilation1991
Number OneSingle1992
Keeper of the Seven Keys Parts 1 & 2Compilation1993 
When the SinnerSingle1993 
I Don’t Wanna Cry No MoreSingle1993 
Step Out of HellSingle1993 
The Pumpkin VideoVideo1994 
Mr. Ego Collectors BoxBoxed set1994 
Master of the RingsFull-length1994
Mr. Ego (Take Me Down)Single1994 
Where the Rain GrowsSingle1994 
Perfect GentlemanSingle1994 
Sole SurvivorSingle1995 
The Time of the OathFull-length1996
The Time of the OathSingle1996 
High LiveLive album1996
Forever and One (Neverland)Single1996 
High LiveVideo1996 
I Can / Promised LandSplit1998 
Pumpkin BoxBoxed set1998
I CanSingle1998
Better than RawFull-length1998
Karaoke Remix, Vol. 1Compilation1998
Karaoke Remix, Vol. 2Compilation1998 
Hey Lord!Single1998 
Lay All Your Love on MeSingle1999 
Metal JukeboxFull-length1999
The Pumpkin VideoVideo2000 
If I Could FlySingle2000 
Mr. TortureSingle2000 
The Dark RideFull-length2000
Treasure ChestCompilation2002
Just a Little SignSingle2003 
Rabbit Don’t Come EasyFull-length2003
The Dark Ride / Rabbit Don’t Come Easy – Double EditionCompilation2005 
Hellish Videos – The Complete Video CollectionVideo2005 
Mrs. GodSingle2005
Keeper of the Seven Keys – The LegacyFull-length2005
The Singles Box (1985-1992)Boxed set2006
Light the UniverseSingle2006
Live in Sao PauloLive album2007
Live on 3 ContinentsVideo2007
As Long as I FallSingle2007 
Gambling with the DevilFull-length2007
Dr. SteinSingle2010 
Are You Metal?Single2010
7 SinnersFull-length2010
The Sage, the Fool, the Sinner / Bring Them to LightSplit2011 
Burning SunSingle2012 
Straight Out of HellFull-length2013
Battle’s WonSingle2015 
My God-Given RightFull-length2015
Ride the Sky – The Very Best of the Noise Years 1985-1998Compilation2016 
Pumpkins UnitedSingle2017
Sweet SeductionsBoxed set2017 
Starlight: The Noise Records CollectionBoxed set2018 
Halloween – LiveSingle2019 
United Alive in MadridLive album2019
United AliveVideo2019
The Game Is OnEP2020 
United ForcesCompilation2021 

Past Members:

Ingo SchwichtenbergDrums (1983-1993)
(R.I.P. 1995) See also: ex-Gentry, ex-Iron Fist, ex-Second Hell
Roland GrapowGuitars (1989-2001)
See also: KreysonLevel 10Masterplan, ex-Roland Grapow, ex-Serious Black, ex-Citron (live), ex-Rampage
Uli KuschDrums (1994-2001)
See also: ex-Axe la Chapelle, ex-Beautiful Sin, ex-Ride the Sky, ex-Shock Machine, ex-Gamma Ray, ex-Holy Moses, ex-Masterplan, ex-Mekong Delta, ex-Joker, ex-Roland Grapow, ex-Symfonia, ex-Issa, ex-Last Union
Mark CrossDrums (2001-2003)
See also: God’s ArmyMetal MachineRezident ExVivaldi Metal Project (live), ex-The Supremacy, Tainted Nation, ex-At Vance, ex-Exorcism, ex-Firewind, ex-Nightfall, ex-Outloud, ex-Spitfire, ex-Tank, ex-Tower of Babel, ex-Winters Bane, ex-Frank Blackfire (live), ex-Scorpions (live), ex-Metalium, ex-Electric Eye, ex-Magna Carta
Stefan SchwarzmannDrums (2003-2004)
See also: Pänzer, ex-Accept, ex-Herman Frank, ex-Krokus, ex-Paradox, ex-Running Wild, ex-U.D.O., ex-Voice, ex-Cronos Titan, ex-X-Wild, ex-Godiva (live), ex-Born Loosers, ex-Canberra, ex-Die Suicides

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