Xul: Malignance-2012.

Xul:Death Metal from Vernon, Canada.


Summon the SwarmSingle2015 
Extinction NecromanceEP2015
What Lies Hidden​.​.​.Full-length2018
Marlow Deiter
Bass (2008-2013, 2014-present)
See also: Jawzael, ex-Gladius Sky
Lowell Winters
Drums (2008-2013, 2014-present)
See also: Cell (live)
Wallace Huffman
Guitars (lead) (2008-2013, 2014-present)
Bill Ferguson
Guitars (rhythm), Vocals (2008-2013, 2014-present)
Levi Meyers
Vocals (2009-2013, 2014-present)

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