Archspire: Relentless Mutation-2017.

Archspire:Technical Death Metal from Vancouver, Canada.


All Shall AlignEP2010 
All Shall AlignFull-length2011
The Lucid CollectiveFull-length2014
Relentless MutationFull-length2017
Spencer Prewett
Drums (2009-present)
See also: ex-Gremory, ex-Impure, ex-Artep, ex-Crepitus, ex-Cryobiosis, ex-Defenestrated, ex-Immaculate Infection
Dean Lamb
Guitars (2009-present)
See also: Seven Year Storm
Tobi Morelli
Guitars (2009-present)
See also: ex-Muspellheim
Oliver Rae Aleron
Vocals (2009-present)
See also: Enchanted Faeries, ex-Hunting Humans!
Jared Smith
Bass (2016-present)
See also: ex-Harvest the Infection, ex-Civil Ruin

Past Members:

Jaron EvilBass, Vocals (2009-2014)
See also: AlmuricFuneral Fornication, ex-Gremory, ex-Lashing Ether, ex-Seasons of Sorrow, Ringbearer, ex-Artep, ex-Canticle, ex-Cryobiosis
Shawn HacheVocals (2009)
See also: AurochIrradiateMitochondrion, Night Profound, ex-Havoc, ex-Gremory, ex-Chaos Assassin

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