Sins Of Omission: The Creation-1999.

Sins Of Omission:Melodic Death Metal from Sweden.


Demo IDemo1998 
The CreationFull-length1999 
Flesh on Your BonesFull-length2001
The Black Sun CollectionCompilation2005 


Thomas FällgrenBass
See also: ex-Construcdead
Jani StefanovićDrums
See also: Essence of SorrowMiserationSolution .45The WaymakerThe WeakeningZhakiah, ex-Incapacity, ex-DivineFire, ex-Mehida, ex-The Few Against Many, ex-Am I Blood, ex-Crimson Moonlight, ex-Hilastherion, ex-Renascent
Mattias EklundGuitars
See also: Mörk Gryning, ex-Mortum, ex-Amaranth (live)
Martin PerssonGuitars (?-2001)
See also: ex-Berserk, ex-Dismember, ex-Mörk Gryning (live)
Mårten HansenVocals
See also: A Canorous QuintetThis Ending, ex-Votur, ex-The Plague, ex-October Tide

Past Members:

Marco DebBass (1996)
See also: ex-Mournful, ex-Metempsychosis
Dennis EkdahlDrums (1996-2002)
See also: Thyrfing, ex-Machinery, ex-Mortifer, ex-Mournful, ex-Siebenbürgen, ex-Rutthna, ex-In Cold Blood, ex-Metempsychosis, ex-Mystic Prophecy, ex-Raise Hell, ex-Mörk Gryning (live), ex-Athela, ex-Dark Eden, ex-Bloodshed (live)
Jonas NilssonGuitars (1996-1997)
See also: Raise Hell, ex-In Cold Blood, ex-Mortifer
Johan PaulssonGuitars (1996)
Toni KocmutVocals, Guitars (1996-2000)
See also: ex-Mournful, ex-Wyvern, ex-Metempsychosis

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