Infernäl Mäjesty: Unholier Than You-1998.

INFERNAL MAJESTY is a band Canadian of thrash metal , formed in Toronto in 1986. They are best known for their debut album None Shall Defy , released in 1987. The band dissolved after the launch. However, the relaunch of this album by Displeased Records inspired the band to reunite and record a new album, followed by a European tour. They are still active.

They are not to be confused with the HIM gang , which used to be called His Infernal Majesty.


Infernäl MäjestyDemo1986 
None Shall DefyFull-length1987
Nigrescent DissolutionDemo1988 
Creation of ChaosDemo1991 
Infernäl Mäjesty / CustomSplit1997 
The Kanada CompilationSplit1997 
March 1997 DemoDemo1997 
Unholier than ThouFull-length1998
The Official Demo Series Vol. 1Split1999 
Chaos in CopenhagenLive album2000 
One Who Points to DeathFull-length2004
Demon GodEP2007 
Another Day in HellSingle2015 
Nigrescent Years of ChaosCompilation2016 
House of WarSingle2016
No GodSingle2016 
No GodFull-length2017


Kenny HallmanGuitars (1986-present)
See also: ex-Laced
Steve TerrorGuitars (1986-present)
See also: ex-Laced
Chris BaileyVocals (1986-1990, 1993-2005, 2011-present)
See also: Anthropophagy
Kiel WilsonBass (1999-2000), Drums (2010-present)
See also: ex-Severed Serenity, ex-Horror, ex-The Unending
Daniel NargangBass (2016-present)
See also: Kick AxeSnake Eyes Seven, ex-Into Eternity, ex-Digital Doomzday

Past Members:

PsycopathBass (1986-1988)
See also: ex-Castle of Pain, ex-Lethal Presence, ex-Predator
Rick NemesDrums (1986-1988)
See also: ex-Castle of Pain, ex-Lethal Presence, ex-Rapid Tears
Graham MacSkimmingDrums (1988-1989, 1999-2001)
See also: Witchsnake, ex-Ligeia, Vile Ent, ex-Bates Motel, ex-Evil Sinner
SheepdogVocals (1988)
See also: ex-Razor
Bob QuelchBass (1989-1994)
See also: ex-Nitevigil
Kevin HarrisDrums (1989-1999)
Don “Vince” KuntzVocals (1991-1992)
(R.I.P. 2001) See also: ex-Bloodwurm
Chay McMullenBass (1995-1998)
See also: Wetwork, ex-Fear Disorder, ex-Nephelium
Sven CannonDrums (2000)
See also: KremlinPaladin, ex-Cudgel, ex-Domini Inferi, ex-War Command, ex-Lust, ex-Nekromantik Kurse, ex-Emetic Putrefaction, ex-Invictus, ex-Slow Death, ex-The Kursed
Eric DubreuilBass (2001-?)
See also: ex-Nekromantik Kurse
Kris DeBoerDrums (2001-?)
See also: ex-Grudge, ex-Scourge, id., ex-Artep, ex-Myopia, ex-Nekromantik Kurse
Brian “Messiah” LangleyVocals (2005-2011)
See also: Cradle to GraveLeague of CorruptionTyrants Blood, ex-Mecha Messiah, Stronger Than Death (Zakk Wylde tribute), ex-Aggression

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