Ironsword: Servants Of Steel-2020.

Ironsword:Heavy Metal Epic from Lisbon, Portugal.


Return of the WarriorFull-length2004
Hail Brittania Volume One – NWOBHM TributeSplit2004 
Return of the Warrior / IronswordCompilation2005 
I Pounding Metal FestSplit video2008 
Overlords of ChaosFull-length2008
None but the BraveFull-length2015
In the Coils of SetEP2019 
Servants of SteelFull-length2020


TannGuitars, Vocals (1995-present)
See also: ex-Adamantine, ex-Alastor, ex-Decayed, ex-Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, ex-Moonspell

Past Members:

Rick ThorBass
See also: Els Focs NegresFilii Nigrantium InfernaliumHellspikePerpetratör, ex-Axe Murderers, ex-Ravensire, ex-Morbid Lust
Johnny StormDrums
See also: ex-Axe Murderers, ex-Morbid Lust, ex-Filii Nigrantium Infernalium
Arrno MaalmDrums, Percussion
See also: FesteringFilii Nigrantium Infernalium, Fecal Expiration, ex-Grog, ex-Martelo Negro, ex-Namek, ex-Atentado, ex-Device
Ricardo “Hammer”Drums (1998-?)
VictorBass (1999-?)
See also: ex-Decayed
Jorge MartinsBass (2015-2020)
See also: ex-Merciless Death, ex-Mons Lvnae, ex-Fallen Angel
Aires PereiraBass (2015)
See also: MalevolenceMoonspell
João MonteiroDrums (2015-2020)
See also: Archaic TombViles VitaeDecayed (live), ex-Enchantya, ex-Mons Lvnae

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