In Mourning: The Weight Of Oceans-2012.

In Mourning is a melodic death metal band from Vansbro, Sweden. They are currently signed to Agonia Records. They have released five full-length albums with their latest Garden of Storms, released in October 2019.

Apart from their debut album, the band has published several self-released demos.[1] Their debut album, Shrouded Divine, released on 2 January 2008 by Aftermath Music,[2] has received mostly favorable reviews, especially by European music websites and magazines.[3][4][5] Their second album Monolith was released on 25 January 2010 by Pulverised Records, with which they would have a contract for two albums.[6]

On 29 November 2011, the band announced on their official website that Spinefarm Records would be releasing their new album, The Weight of Oceans, in 2012. The album entered the Finnish charts at number 40.[7]

On 16 January 2014, it was announced that drummer Christian Netzell had decided to leave the band after 14 years of playing due to musical differences. On the same day it was noted that drummer Mattias Bender would replace Netzell for their Trondheim Metal Fest show, and for the rest of the 2014 tour season.

On 26 March 2014, In Mourning announced Bender will now be their permanent full-time drummer and is set to be involved in the recording of their new album.

On 22 December 2014, In Mourning announced that Bender had left the band, and that Daniel Liljekvist, formerly of Katatonia, will step in for the Poland and Norway gigs.[8]

On 20 May 2016, In Mourning released their fourth studio album Afterglow on Agonia Records.

On 4 October 2019, In Mourning released their fifth studio album Garden of Storms on Agonia Records.

On 24 July 2020, In Mourning re-released their second studio album Monolith through Agonia Records.[9]


In MourningDemo2000 
Confessions of the Black ParasiteDemo2004 
Grind DenialDemo2006 
Shrouded DivineFull-length2008
The Weight of OceansFull-length2012
Garden of StormsFull-length2019
Live at Z7Live album2021
Tobias Netzell
Vocals, Guitars (2000-present)
See also: Antarktis, ex-Contortion, ex-Majalis, ex-October Tide, ex-Volturyon, ex-Thenighttimeproject
Björn Pettersson
Guitars, Vocals (2005-present)
See also: AntarktisSvärd, ex-Majalis, Palefeather
Tim Nedergård
Guitars (2006-present)
See also: Svärd, ex-Forgotten Kingdom
Sebastian Svalland
Bass (2018-present)
See also: Pain (live), Letters from the Colony, ex-Lindemann (live)
Joakim Strandberg Nilsson
Drums (2018-present)
See also: Faithful DarknessNonexist, ex-Moorgate, ex-Thrive, Wolves Within

Past Members:

Pierre StamBass (2000-2018)
See also: Mercury RustSvärd, Palefeather, ex-October Tide, ex-SkyRide
Christian NetzellDrums (2000-2014)
See also: ExgenesisVholdghastVolturyon, ex-Ectomia, ex-Contortion
Tommy ErikssonGuitars (2000-2003)
Jon SolanderVocals, Guitars (2004-2007)
See also: Kaiage, Looking for Jane
Mattias BenderDrums (2014)
See also: Introitus
Daniel LiljekvistDrums (2014-2018)
See also: Grand CadaverIkhonMercury RustV, ex-Komotio, ex-Disrupted, ex-Katatonia, ex-Knout, ex-Subdive

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