Ghost Toast: Shape Without Form-2020.

Ghost Toast:Proggressive Instrumental Metal from Hungary.

The band was formed in Debrecen, Hungary in 2008 with 3 members Bence ROZSAVOLGYI (guitar), Laszlo PAPP (drums) and Janos Stefan (bass). Janos PUSKER (keyboards, cello) joined later in 2009. The music comes equally from the four members improvisations during rehearsals. The first album “Toast in the Shell” from 2010 is the result of the work of a band searching to find their way through many moods and styles from the metal, to drum n’ bass and even waltz music. In 2013, they released their second album “There is No en…” which is showing the path and the long way the band has taken since 2008. Their music is mostly instrumental and combines Prog Rock with Metal. The use of the Cello and some electronic effects gives a unique sound and the songs structures shows a band that enjoy creating different atmosphere through their music. The sound of the music have some similarity with FATES WARNING and TOOL.

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