Anvil Of Doom: Deathillusion-2004.

Anvil Of Doom: Melodic Death Metal from Jerez de La Frontera, Spain.


Died Before DawnDemo2002 
Xtreem SamplerSplit2003 
Turn Your BackEP2011
Hugo Donaire
Guitars (1999-?)
Drums (2001-?)
See also: Quiebra, ex-Trasquilón, ex-SnowBlind
Al-Iskandar Tzaraath
Bass, Vocals (backing) (2002-?)
See also: Quiebra, ex-SnowBlind, ex-Trasquilón
Manuel Gestoso
Vocals (lead) (2009-?)
See also: ex-Neter, 8th of September, The Forge

Past Members:

David Escudero “Crimen”Bass
Javier AgraBass
Jose María “Pitrelli”Bass
See also: ex-SnowBlind, ex-Quiebra
Paco HerreraDrums, Keyboards
See also: ex-Sadunia
Antonio “Poti”Drums (?-2000)
Salvi NietoGuitars (?-2008), Bass (2003)
AlonsoDrums (1998-?)
See also: Alabanza
Javier PintoGuitars (1998-2000)
Álvaro “Dolly Boy”Guitars (1998-2000)
Beltrán Luque “Moky”Vocals (lead) (1998-2008)
See also: Phorceps, Sombra
Aloy “Alois” N. GómezGuitars (2003-?)
See also: ex-N-Fin, Alcazaba, ex-Huma
Ángel Luis BerlangaGuitars (2008-2009)
See also: Katie King, ex-ReNNo, ex-Atalaya
KvoraphVocals (lead) (2008-2009)
See also: Voidescent, ex-Transneptunian, ex-Andhord, ex-Dominanz, ex-Vinterbris, ex-Winterstorm
John Michael PetersonGuitars (2009-?)
See also: The CovenVisceral TumorPerseidan, ex-Maniac

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