Hexenhaus: Dejavoodoo-1997.

Hexenhaus was a Swedish thrash metal band.

Hexenhaus was founded in 1987 by Mike Wead (ex- Candlemass ) in Stockholm . The first line-up recruited Wead from the members of the recently disbanded band Maninnya Blade . After the debut album A Tribute to Insanity was released by Black Mark Production in 1988 , Wead swapped the entire line-up in 1989 and took over the sole songwriting . The 1991 album The Edge of Eternity offered more progressive influences and received mixed echo from both fans and critics. The album Awakening , released in 1991, is described as a classic of Swedish Thrash Metal.

In 1992, head of the band Mike Wead decided to found Memento Mori together with Messiah Marcolin (ex-Candlemass) , whereupon Hexenhaus came to a standstill. Some of the musicians switched to Memento Mori, others formed the prog metal band Fifth Reason. Although Hexenhaus released the comeback album Dejavoodoo in 1997 , it was unable to build on the earlier successes and was finally dissolved a little later.


Demo 1988Demo1988 
A Tribute to InsanityFull-length1988
The Edge of EternityFull-length1990
Mike Wead
Guitars (1987-1992, 1997, 2012-?)
See also: KamlathKing DiamondMercyful FateNattasBibleblack, ex-Memento Mori, ex-Warchild, Nu Jävlar!, ex-Candlemass, ex-Maninnya Blade, ex-The Haunted (live), ex-Abstrakt Algebra, ex-Warning, ex-Firegod, ex-Hemisfear, ex-Kryptillusion
Johan Billerhag
Drums (1990-1992, 1997, 2012-?)
See also: ex-Parasite, ex-Memento Mori, ex-5th Avenue, ex-Avenue, ex-Etype
Marco A. Nicosia
Guitars (1997, 2012-?)
See also: ex-Fifth Reason
Magnus Ljung
Bass (2012-?)
See also: ex-Meduza
Kacper Różański
Vocals (2012-?)
See also: NattasBibleblack

Past Members:

Marty MarteenBass
See also: Nagazaki, ex-Fifth Reason, ex-Memento Mori
Conny WelénBass
See also: ex-Mezzrow, ex-Wizard
Jan BlomqvistBass
See also: ex-Maninnya Blade, ex-Slowgate, ex-Kamax
Martin ‘E-Type’ ErikssonDrums
See also: E-Type, ex-Maninnya Blade
Ralph RydénDrums
See also: ex-Keegan, ex-Lizard Eye, ex-Shock Tilt, ex-Hydrogen, ex-Mercy, ex-Spin Air
Nick JohanssonVocals
See also: Maninnya Blade, ex-Slowgate
Thomas LyonVocals
See also: ex-Hatred, ex-Destiny
Rick MeisterGuitars (1987-?)
See also: ex-Maninnya Blade, ex-Damien
Tommie AgrippaVocals (1990-?)
See also: ex-Damien

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