Klone: Le Grand Voyage-2019.

Klone: Proggressive Groove Metal from France.


Demo 2002Demo2002 
Demo 2003Demo2003 
High Blood PressureEP2004 
All Seeing EyeFull-length2008 
Reader’s ChoiceSplit2009 
Black DaysFull-length2010 
The Eye of NeedleEP2011 
The Dreamer’s HideawayFull-length2012 
Here Comes the SunFull-length2015 
UnpluggedLive album2017 
Le grand voyageFull-length2019
Julien Comte
Bass (1999-2003)
Laurent Thomas
Drums (1999-2007)
Michael Moreau
Guitars (1999-2012)
David Ledoux
Guitars (1999), Vocals (1999-2004)
Hugues Andriot
Bass (2003-2006)
See also: Anthurus d’Archer

Past Members:

Julien ComteBass (1999-2003)
Laurent ThomasDrums (1999-2007)
Michael MoreauGuitars (1999-2012)
David LedouxGuitars (1999), Vocals (1999-2004)
Hugues AndriotBass (2003-2006)
See also: Anthurus d’Archer

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