Teramaze: Sorella Minore-2021.

Teramaze is an Australian Christian progressive metal band from Melbourne , which was formed in 1993, disbanded in 2006 and has been active again since 2008.

The band was formed in 1993 by guitarist Dean Wells as a teenager [1] . There were also singer Brett Rerekura, guitarist Adam Burnell, bassist Matthew Ritchie and drummer Antonio Paulo. In 1995 the debut album Doxology was released . [2] The following year, the group contributed the songs Generation X , Ever Enhancing and Emancipator to the sampler Falling On Deaf Ears – Australian Metal Compilation No. 4 from Rowe Productions . [3] 1998 joined forces with Tears to Dustthe next album on. On this the singer Clinton Johannes and the guitarist Adam Wilkie can be heard as replacement for Burnell as new members. About CMC International published in 2001 [4] the EP Not the Criminal consisting mostly of live and partly from studio recordings. In December 2002 the band broke up before Wells revived them in 2006. In mid-2008 [4] was the compilation Anthology about Jelly Fish Records released. A demo was also released in the same year . In 2009 [5] the band started working on the next album with Jeff Waters as producer.[2] In June the drummer Julian Percy had due to heart problems stop its activity before he died on 15 June. Jayson Sherlock was added as a temporary replacement. [4] The album was released in April 2012 under the name Anhedonia with Nightmare Records . Julian Percy can still be heard as a drummer. [5] After that, the singer Brett Rerekura, who left the band in 1997, returned to fill. [4] 2014 joined forces with Esoteric Symbolismthe next album on. Then the singer Rerekura left the line-up again and was replaced by Nathan Peachey, while the bassist Luis Enrique Eguren and the keyboardist Dave Holley were added as other new members. In December of that year work began on the next album. [5] About Mascot Records was in 2015 [6] the album Her Halo published. Out of Subconscious was released as a single . [7] Participation in ProgPower USA was planned for 2017 , but the group was replaced by Seven Spiers after its cancellation. [8th]


Australian Metal Compilation IV – Falling on Deaf EarsSplit1996 
Tears to DustFull-length1998 
Not the CriminalEP2001 
Demo 2008Demo2008 
Esoteric SymbolismFull-length2014
Her HaloFull-length2015 
Are We SoldiersFull-length2019 
The HeistSingle2019 
This Is Not a DrillSingle2020 
A Deep State of AwakeSingle2020 
I WonderFull-length2020 
Sorella MinoreFull-length2021
Dean Wells
Vocals, Guitars
See also: Meshiaak
Andrew Cameron
Bass (2017-present)
See also: Meshiaak, Metanoia
Nick Ross
Drums (2017-present)
Chris Zoupa
Guitars (2018-present)
See also: Seventh Dan Counterforce

Past Members:

Allan HeyneBass
Tijon LolisBass (?-2012)
Jake “Warshifter” WeberBass
See also: ex-Deprivation, ex-Harlott, ex-Our Last Enemy, ex-The Murdering, ex-Warshifter
Dean KennedyDrums (?-2017)
See also: Damnations Day
Neil FlavalleGuitars
Mat DawsonGuitars
Patrick WilliamVocals
Matt RitchieBass (1993-2002)
See also: ex-Descend
Tony PauloDrums (1993-2002)
Adam BurnellGuitars (1993-1997)
Brett RerekuraVocals (1993-2014, 2018-2019)
Adam WilkieGuitars (1997-1998)
Clinton JohannesVocals, Guitars, Keyboards (1998-2002)
Julian Percy (R.I.P. 2009)Drums (2006-2009)
Miles KrenzinDrums (2010-?)
See also: ex-The Implicate Order, ex-Primordial Space, Architects of Evolution, Orchestrating the Damned
Andrew PitmanBass (2011)
See also: ex-The Implicate Order, ex-Manic Opera
John ZambelisGuitars (lead) (2013-?)
Luis Enrique EgurenBass (2014-2017)
See also: ex-Manic Opera, ex-Catenas, ex-Dehumanizer
Dave HolleyKeyboards (2014-?)
See also: ex-Circadian Pulse
Nathan PeacheyVocals (lead) (2014-2018, 2019-2020)
See also: Trigger
Jeremy Poole-JohnsonKeyboards (2016-2017)
See also: Morphica
Jon BeckxGuitars (2017-2018)
Jonah WeingartenKeyboards (2017-2019)
See also: EchoterraPyramazeStructure of InhumanityUniversal Mind Project, Arretohce, Catalyst Crime, Dance of the Mourning Child, We Are Sentinels, ex-Avian, ex-Malacoda, ex-MindMaze (live), ex-Infernal Method, ex-Written in Blood, ex-Lilitu, ex-Blood Promise, ex-Legion of Carcaroth

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