Hateform: Sanctuary In Abyss-2013.

Hateform: Thrash Death Metal from Finland.


Teuvo (Maanteiden kuningas)Single2008 
Origins of PlagueFull-length2010
Sanctuary in AbyssFull-length2013
Joni Suodenjärvi
Bass (2004-2014)
See also: Cannibal AccidentMors Principium Est (live), ex-Watch Me Fall, ex-Morbid Dream, ex-Left Hand Job
Tomy Laisto
Guitars (2004-2014)
See also: Pain Confessor, ex-Mors Principium Est, ex-Omnium Gatherum (live), ex-Morbid Dream, ex-Left Hand Job
Petri Nyström
Vocals (2004-2014)
See also: ex-Coresh
Tom Gardiner
Guitars (2006-2014)
See also: Essence of Sorrow, ex-Murdread, ex-Katra, ex-Mors Principium Est, ex-Solution .45, ex-Scorched Earth Tactics, ex-Animal House Acoustic Band, ex-Duality, ex-Red Eleven, ex-Rock-It-Launcher
Tuomo Latvala
Drums (2009-2014)
See also: NerlichOmnium GatherumValermadaTorture Killer, ex-AN, ex-Deepred, ex-Demigod, ex-Torn, ex-Torsofuck, ex-Death du Jour, ex-Amoth, ex-Hellbox (live), ex-Axegressor

Past Members:

Tuomas VähämaaDrums (2004-2009)
See also: ex-Morbid Dream
Ville VänniGuitars (2004-2006)
See also: ex-Watch Me Fall, ex-Insomnium

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