Lunarsea: Earthling/Terrestre-2019.

Lunarsea: Melodic Death Metal from Italy.


Evolution Plan.txtDemo2003 
Bio Ashes HaloDemo2004 
Hydrodynamic WaveFull-length2006
Route Code SelectorFull-length2008
Hundred Light YearsFull-length2013
Fabiano Romagnoli
Guitars, Keyboards (2003-present)
See also: Fabiano Romagnoli, ex-Eutopia, ex-Hollowearth, ex-Lord Brummel, ex-Scarface
Alessandro Iacobellis
Vocals (2015-present)
See also: ex-Tular, ex-Vlad, ex-Gravestone, ex-Screaming Banshee
Andrea Miazzetto
Drums (2017-present)
See also: EdeniceHellretic, Agera (live)
Erica Berton
Bass (2020-present)
See also: ex-Physical Noise

Past Members:

Cristian AntoliniBass, Vocals (clean) (2003-2020)
See also: ex-Sentenza, ex-Semeion, ex-Hollowearth, ex-Sanitarium, ex-Wandlore
Stuart FranzoniDrums (2003, 2008-2010)
See also: Degenerhate, ex-Semeion, ex-Corpsefucking Art, ex-Perfidy Biblical, ex-Savior from Anger
Laiorf MolgorlDrums (2003-2004)
Angelo MusmeciVocals (2003-2006)
See also: Halfmoon, ex-Toxic Machine
Claudio TestiniDrums (2004-2006)
See also: Grigio Impero, ex-Anno Domini, ex-System Failure, ex-Windseeker, ex-Deliria, ex-Ki Project, ex-Nightmare Constellation, ex-Ghouls, ex-Deceptionist, ex-I Suffer Incorporated
Francesco MartinoDrums (2004)
(R.I.P.) See also: ex-Lord Milos, ex-Partenos Petras
Filippo PalmaVocals (2006-2010, 2012-2015)
See also: Breathin’ God, ex-Beyond the Dark
Alessio ColonnaDrums (2007)
Emiliano PacioniGuitars (2008-2013)
See also: ex-A Taste of Fear, ex-Catales
Alfonso CoraceDrums (2010-2017)
See also: Consummatum EstScreaMachine, ex-3rd Room, ex-Hellish, Jokers’ Inc., ex-Vidharr, ex-Vision of Ruins
Daniele BiagiottiVocals (2010-2012)
See also: ex-Storm, I Metallari Animati, ex-Dyrnwyn, ex-Gravestone, ex-Great Jarvis, ex-Mantick, ex-Guardian of Asgaard (Amon Amarth tribute), ex-Sexpounder (Children of Bodom Tribute)
Jacopo PastoreGuitars (2017-?)
See also: ex-Joking with Fire

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