Burden Of Life: The Makeshift Conqueror-2020.

Burden Of Life: Melodic Death Metal from Germany.


Burden of LifeDemo2007 
Ashes of ExistenceFull-length2008 
In the Wake of My DemiseEP2010
The Vanity SyndromeFull-length2013 
In CyclesFull-length2016 
The Makeshift ConquerorFull-length2020 
Mathias Babl
Michael “Schafi” Schafberger
Christian “Kötti” Kötterl
Guitars, Vocals
See also: ex-Surge
Karl Arnold Bodarwé
Bass (2009-present)
See also: ex-Unsharpen Dawn

Past Members:

Philipp “Batzal” LudwigBass
Tobias “Haimi” HaimerlKeyboards
Stefan SponfeldnerBass (2003-2005)
Wolfgang “Karli” KarlVocals (2003)
Johannes “Bergi” BerghammerVocals (2003-2004)
Raffael D.Vocals (2004-2007)
See also: Carrion Mother, ex-Inhumanity, ex-Motorgoat, ex-Surge, ex-Phdonos Deon
Fabian BlielBass (2007-2009)
See also: ex-Inhumanity, ex-Surge, Magina Vuskel Keule, ex-Carrion Mother
Aris S.Vocals (2007-2008)
See also: Carrion Mother, Carrion Brother, ex-Inhumanity, ex-Death Portal, ex-Hellfork, ex-Magina Vuskel Keule, ex-Mind in Cave

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