Armored Dawn: Viking Zombie-2019.

Armored Dawn: Power Viking Metal from Brazil.


Armored DawnDemo2016 
Power of WarriorEP2016
Power of WarriorFull-length2016 
Sail AwaySingle2017 
Barbarians in BlackFull-length2018
Viking ZombieFull-length2019
Rodrigo Oliveira
See also: Korzus, ex-Carrascos, ex-Ancesttral, ex-Mercury Rain, ex-Eternal Malediction (live)
Timo Kaarkoski
See also: Temple of SinRavenland, Mad Old Lady, Synthesis, ex-After:Life, ex-União, ex-Of the Archaengel
Tiago de Moura
See also: Distorted Duo
Rafael Agostino
See also: Ravenland, ex-Evora, Mad Old Lady, ex-Eterna
Eduardo Parras
See also: Doctor Pheabes
Heros Trench
Bass (2019-2020), Guitars (2020-present)
See also: Korzus
Fernando Quesada
Bass (2020-present)
See also: ex-Temblor, ANIE, ex-Noturnall, ex-Shaman, ex-Wizards

Past Members:

Fernando GiovannettiBass
See also: AquariaWizards, ex-The Supremacy, ex-Uirapuru, Mad Old Lady, Madgator, Sete, ex-Glory Opera, ex-Karma, ex-Fernando e Sorocaba (live), ex-Ricky Mourao (live)

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