Heaven’s Cry: Outcast-2016.

Heaven’s Cry: Proggressive Metal from Canada.


Food for Thought SubstituteFull-length1996
Primal Power AddictionFull-length2002
Wheels of ImpermanenceFull-length2012
René Lacharité
See also: ex-Necrotic Mutation
Éric Jarrin
See also: Despised Icon, ex-Necrotic Mutation
Sylvain Auclair
Vocals, Bass
See also: ex-Utopy, ex-Wideside
Pierre St. Jean
Vocals, Guitars
See also: NonHuman Era, Alcoholica, ex-Voivod, ex-Wideside

Past Members:

Luc D’aoustDrums
See also: ex-Lankmar
Olaf QuinzañosGuitars
Sebastian BoisvertGuitars
See also: ex-Raging Fury
Éric CarrièreKeyboards

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