Accu§er: Accu§er-2020

Accuser (own spelling: Accu§er ) is a German thrash metal band from Siegen .

Founded in the early 1980s in Kreuztal , Accu§er were among the first German thrash metal bands, but, unlike the greats like Kreator , Sodom , Protector and Destruction, could only draw attention to themselves within the scene. The band failed to achieve international success until the end, while some successes could be achieved within Germany.

After recording several demos, Accu§er only got a record deal with Atom H in 1986 . A year later the first album The Conviction was released, on which, similar to the successor Experimental Errors, typical German Thrash was played in the style of the bands mentioned. On the two following albums, however, the band’s sound became more technical and aggressive and moved in the direction of American thrash metal bands such as Exodus or Testament . After the last album Taken by the Throat, which was released in 1995, and many elements of modern, more groovy Thrash and Hardcore contained, Accu§er broke up due to lack of commercial success and musical differences.

In 2002 there was a reunion of the band, as the demand for Accu§er among the fans continued and the guitarists Frank Thoms and René Schütz were asked again and again about the old songs when their band Scartribe, founded after the end of Accu§er, were asked about the old songs. Accu§er also produced a demo tape called Scartribe Demo this year .

Accu§er became active again at the beginning of 2008 and has been working under this name again since then. On July 12th, 2008 a first reunion concert with new material was given. Since then, festivals and concerts have been played and other albums have been released. The current CD Diabolic was released on April 12, 2013.


Speed MetalDemo1986 
The ConvictionFull-length1987
Experimental ErrorsEP1988
Who Dominates Who?Full-length1989
Double TalkFull-length1991
Metal Machine MusicCollaboration1992 
Confusion / RomanceEP1994
Taken by the ThroatFull-length1995
The Conviction / Experimental ErrorsCompilation1997 
Instrumental DemoDemo2003 
Dependent DominationFull-length2011
The Forlorn DivideFull-length2016
The MasteryFull-length2018
Frank Thoms
Vocals, Guitars (rhythm) (1986-1996, 2002-2004, 2008-present)
See also: ex-Scartribe, ex-Expect No Mercy, ex-T.N.T.
René Schütz
Guitars (lead) (1987-1990, 1992-2004, 2008-2011, 2019-present)
See also: ex-Dead Sun Halo, ex-Scartribe, ex-Act of Creation, ex-Face Down Hero, ex-Expect No Mercy, ex-Thunderbolt, ex-Mandylion
Olli Fechner
Drums (2002-2004, 2008-present)
See also: ex-Panacea, ex-Scartribe
Frank Kimpel
Bass (2008-present)
See also: ex-Scartribe

Past Members:

Thomas KircherBass (1986)
See also: ex-T.N.T.
Eberhard WeyelBass (1986-1991), Vocals (1986-1991)
See also: ex-Breaker, ex-Slack Suckers, ex-T.N.T.
Volker BorchertDrums (1986-1995)
See also: ex-Breaker, ex-T.N.T., ex-Die Krupps
Milan PeschelGuitars (1990-1991), Bass (1992)
See also: A Dead Lament, ex-The Animatronic
Guido VenzlaffBass (1993-1995)
Uwe SchmidtBass (2002-2003), Guitars (lead) (2011-2014)
See also: ex-Panacea
Dennis RybakowskiGuitars (lead) (2014-2019)

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