Immortal Synn: Force Of Habit-2021.

Immortal Synn: Heavy Metal from Denver, Colorado.


Don’t Let Me DownSingle2016 
Machine MenFull-length2017
Capitol PunishmentEP2019 
Anamnesis (Radio Edit)Single2020 
Satan’s Tavern (Radio Edit)Single2020 
Denver Nights (Rusty Sun Mix)Single2020 
Dance MacabreSingle2020 
Novus Ordo Seclorum (2020 Radio Remix)Single2020 
Force of HabitFull-length2021
Frantz Pierre
Axel Berrios
Drums, Vocals
Tony Z.
Guitars, Vocals (2004-present)
Brad Wagner
Guitars (lead) (2020-present)
Duel Shape
Vocals (lead) (2020-present)

Past Members:

Andrew CopeBass (?-2019)
Jesse BoseBass
Mike ArnoldDrums
Miguel RuizGuitars (?-2019)
Chase McClellanVocals (?-2018)
Liam MacFarlaneBass, Guitar (2004-2006)
Slee McGeheeDrums (2004)
Paul LehanGuitars (lead) (2004-2005)
Corey OrtizGuitars (rhythm) (2004-2005)
Rusty BowerGuitars (rhythm) (2004)
Will HewardVocals (2004-2005)
Tom CaninoVocals (2004)
Dan QuatararoDrums (2005)
Nick AnthonyDrums (2005-2006)
Josh NovakDrums (2005)
Rob CasariaDrums (2005-2006)
Ryan CowdinGuitars (lead) (2005)
Seth A.Guitars (lead) (2005)
Sam A.Vocals (2005)
Will HeinzVocals (2005-2006)
Danny HorriganBass (2006-2013)
Matt SimonsonDrums (2006)
Andy HannumGuitars (lead) (2006-2007)
Mike RattyVocals (2006-2007)
Alex GieblerVocals (2012-2013)
Ben KrollDrums (2013-2015)
Lance McCutcheonGuitars (lead) (2013)
See also: ex-Dremaura
Mario BetancourtGuitars (lead) (2013)
See also: Fast Crash
Sage KnightenVocals (2014)
Cody HeimDrums (2016-2017)

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