Almanac: Rush Of Death-2020.

Victor Dmitriyevich Smolski (Russian: Виктор Дмитриевич Смольский, Belarusian: Віктар Дзмітрыевіч Смольскі, born 1 February 1969) is a musician, producer, composer, teacher, author of one of the most successful German guitar learning DVDs, School of Metal. He was a member of the German heavy metal band Rage, from 1999 until 2015. The guitarist for the metal bands Almanac, Mind Odyssey and Lingua Mortis Orchestra (LMO). Jury member for several international music competitions. Worldwide representative and co-developer for companies in the music industry, such as Yamaha, ENGL, Shure, Cordial, Thomastik-Infeld, etc.

Smolski presented his a symphonic metal band called Almanac in 2015. Their debut album, Tsar, was released on 18 March 2016.[2]Kingslayer was released on 24 November 2017.


Self-Blinded EyesSingle2016 
Rush of DeathFull-length2020
Kingdom of the BlindSingle2021 
Victor Smolski
Guitars (2015-present), Keyboards (2017-present)
See also: Mind OdysseyVictor SmolskiVoodoo Gods, ex-Nuclear Blast Allstars, ex-Crusader, ex-Lingua Mortis Orchestra, ex-Rage, ex-Кипелов (live), ex-Inspector, ex-Mike Terrana, ex-Песняры (live)
Jeannette Marchewka
Vocals (2015-present)
See also: ex-Lingua Mortis Orchestra
Tim Rashid
Bass (2017-present)
Kevin Kott
Drums (2018-present)
See also: At VanceHeaven’s TrailHerman FrankMasterplanPantaleon, Judas Rising, ex-Freedom Call (live)
Patrick Sühl
Vocals (2018-present)
See also: ex-CP24, ex-Gun Barrel, ex-Pantaleon
Frank Beck
Vocals (2020-present)
See also: Gamma RayMasters of Disguise, Red Raven

Past Members:

Armin AlicBass (2015-2017)
See also: Die Grauen Herren, ex-Niobes Ivory Dream, ex-Forces at Work, ex-Lion Twin, ex-Guerrilla, ex-Thought Sphere, ex-Atmosfear
Michael KolarDrums (2015-2017)
See also: AssignmentHorseman, ex-Devil’s Fate, ex-Herman Frank, ex-Crusader (live)
Enric GarciaKeyboards (2015-2017)
David ReadmanVocals (2015-2018)
See also: David ReadmanDelanyPink Cream 69Tank, ex-Missa Mercuria, Immunity for the Masses, Natural Born Machine, Pendulum of Fortune, Room Experience, Voodoo Circle, ex-Adagio
Andy B. FranckVocals (2015-2018)
See also: Brainstorm, ex-Symphorce, ex-Ivanhoe
Dana HarngeVocals (2015)
See also: ex-Lingua Mortis Orchestra
Athanasios “Zacky” TsoukasDrums (2017-2018)
See also: ex-Attack, ex-One Reality
Marc DzierzonDrums (2018)
See also: Centaurus-AObscurity, ex-Dew-Scented, ex-Lelahell (live)

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