Marko Hietala: Pyre Of The Black Heart-2020.

Marco Tapani Hietala ( Tervo , Finland , 14 of January of 1966 ) is a bassist and vocalist of heavy metal . He began his career exposed to Jazz and Classic Rock . He has been playing bass since he was 12 years old. He studied 2 years of bass and music theory lessons at the Conservatory: Oulunkylä Pop and Jazz Conservatory.

It was the bassist and second vocalist Finnish of symphonic metal Nightwish . He joined the band in 2002 for the recording of the album Century Child , replacing the previous bassist Sami Vänskä . [ 1 ] Hietala is also a vocalist, bassist and songwriter for the Finnish band Tarot and was also part of the band Sinergy .

Upon his arrival, several songs were planned for duets alongside former Nightwish vocalist Tarja Turunen , allowing songwriter and bandleader Tuomas Holopainen to harness Hietala’s voice to give the band a new dimension.

During Nightwish performances , Turunen used to take a break between his performances. Before Hietala joined the band, she used to play an instrumental song to create a short intermission and give Tarja time. However, since Hietala joined the group, the band has played numerous covers with Marco as the lead vocalist during these breaks. Songs like “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne , “Wildchild” by WASP , “Symphony of Destruction” by Megadeth and most recently “High Hopes” by Pink Floyd . Some of these songs have been included in the Nightwish records . On the album Dark Passion Play got more prominence.

At Delain , Hietala played bass for the album Lucidity and was also featured as a male voice.

In 2006, he made a collaboration with the Spanish group Ebony Ark on his album Decoder 2.0.

In 2010 he also collaborated with Finnish vocalist Erja Lyytinen on her most recent album Voracious Love on the song Bed Of Roses. This song has a touch of country and in which the two vocalists perform with their wonderful voices.

Hietala released his first solo album Mustan sydämen rovio in May 2019. Marko Hietala, will use the name also in his other projects in the future. Hietala has described his solo material as “hard progressive”. [ 2 ] An English version of the album, titled Pyre of the Black Heart (Nuclear Blast), followed in January 2020. He is joined on the albums by drummer Anssi Nykänen, keyboardist Vili Ollila, and guitarist Tuomas Wäinölä with who also toured Finland in the summer and fall of 2019. The band will embark on a European tour in February 2020.

On January 12, 2021, Hietala announced that she was leaving Nightwish and retiring from public life. [ 3 ]


With Tarot

With Conquest

With Sinergy

With Nightwish

With Delain

With Northern Kings


  • Pyre of the heart black (2020)
Marko Hietala
Vocals, Bass, Guitars (12-string acoustic) (2018-present)
Raskasta Joulua
Vocals (2004-present)
Raskasta joulua
Vocals (tracks 8, 10)
Raskaampaa joulua
Vocals (tracks 1, 12)
Raskasta joulua
Ragnarok Juletide
Vocals (tracks 1, 2, 4, 10-12)
Raskasta joulua 2
Vocals (lead) (tracks 1, 2, 13; DVD tracks 5, 11, 13, 16)
Tulkoon joulu -Akustisesti-
Vocals (tracks 1, 8, 10)
Raskasta joulua IV
Vocals (tracks 1, 11, 12)
Live Hartwall Arena 2017 (Video)
Vocals, Bass, Guitars (acoustic) (1985-present)
The Spell of Iron
Keyboards (track 10), Vocals, Bass
Follow Me into Madness
Vocals, Bass
To Live Forever
Vocals (backing) (tracks 4, 5), Vocals, Bass
Vocals, Bass
For the Glory of Nothing
Vocals, Bass
Suffer Our Pleasures
Guitars (acoustic), Bass, Vocals
Crows Fly Black
Bass, Vocals, Guitars (acoustic)
Gravity of Light
Vocals, Guitars (acoustic), Bass
The Spell of Iron MMXI
Vocals, Bass
(show all)

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