Fractal Universe: Rizhomes Of Insanity-2019.

Fractal Universe: Proggressive Death Metal from Nancy, France.


Boundaries of RealityEP2015 
Engram of DeclineFull-length2017
Rhizomes of InsanityFull-length2019
Rhizomes LiveLive album2020 
The Impassable HorizonFull-length2021 
Hugo Florimond
Guitars (lead)
See also: Lying Figures (live), ex-Slatsher
Valentin Pelletier
Bass (2013-present)
See also: Hyneria, The Maniax, ex-Swarmageddon (live), ex-Burning Silence, ex-Frikiwik, ex-Scylla, ex-The Hat-Rack Quartet
Vince Wilquin
Vocals, Guitars (lead) (2013-present)
See also: DehumanizeScarred, ex-Amoeba, ex-My Oath to Madness
Clément Denys
Drums (2015-present)
See also: Miles to Perdition (live), ex-Benighted Soul, ex-Amnega, ex-Nihilism, ex-The Scalar Process

New Video 2021.

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