Psychework: Karelian Hills-2018.

Psychework is a band from Jyväskylä that performs melodic metal . The band’s debut album was released through Ranka Kustannus in September 2016.

Psychework was founded by singer Antony Parviainen and guitarist JV Hintikka, former members of Machine Men . The band began in the fall of 2012 after Parviainen contracted leukemia , from which he drew new inspiration to make music. In the spring of 2013, the duo began composing music based on texts written by Parviainen during her illness. [1]

Psychework was officially introduced in November 2015, and the line-up at that time also included guitarist Jere Kortelainen, bassist Ville Koskinen, keyboardist Otto Närhi and drummer Juuso Raatikainen, who also plays Swallow the Sun. [2] The band’s debut was in Lutako, Jyväskylä on 15 January 2016. [2]

Psychework’s debut album The Dragon’s Year was released through Ranka Kustannus on September 2, 2016. [3] It was ranked 18th on the Finnish album chart . [4]


The Dragon’s YearFull-length2016 
Ghost PatrolSingle2017 
Fury and the BeastSingle2018 
Karelian HillsFull-length2018 
Enemy Inside the WireSingle2020 
Ville Koskinen
See also: Beyond the CatacombsEverloreSilentiumTrauma Field
J-V Hintikka
See also: ex-Funeris Nocturnum, ex-Machine Men, ex-Where Victims Lie, Palmcut, ex-Survivors Zero, ex-Atakhama, ex-Dead Cult Diaries, ex-Red Eleven
Juha Takanen
Otto Närhi
See also: ex-Beyond the Dream, ex-The Myth of Autumn, Harri Kauppinen
Antony Parviainen
See also: Raskasta Joulua, ex-Machine Men, The Magnificent, ex-Lost Alone
Konsta Vehkala
Drums (2017-present)
See also: ex-Gian, LAHO, ex-Scars of Solitude, ex-The Decapitated Midgets, ex-Behind Dead Eyes (live)

Past Members:

Juuso RaatikainenDrums (?-2017)
See also: Endless Forms Most GruesomeHeathen HoofHedonihilSwallow the Sun, ex-Gian, ex-Mercury Circle, ex-Piecemaker

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