Subterranean Masquerade: The Great Bazaar-2015.

Subterranean Masquerade is a progressive metal band from Israel that was formed in 1997 by Tomer Pink, who is a guitarist and primary songwriter for the band.

Started as a project consisting of a variety of changing guest and session musicians, Subterranean Masquerade formed into a band consisting of a constant line-up. In 2013, the band reformed while recording their EP – Home, after six years of no activity. Drummer Matan Shmuely (Orphaned Land) and guitarist Or Shalev have joined the group with the recording of the 2 songs EP, which was self-marketed in a limited-copy on a vinyl version only. In 2014, while recording their second album, the band announced Kjetil Nordhus (TristaniaGreen Carnation) as their new singer and Shai Yallin (Solstice Coil) as their new keyboardist. While mainly described as progressive metal,[1] Subterranean Masquerade incorporates elements of jazz,[2] psychedelic rock,[3] and avant-garde metal,[4] with death metal vocals.

The release of the 2004 EP, Temporary Psychotic State, garnered high acclaim for the band among the underground metal scene.[citation needed] The 2005 album Suspended Animation Dreams received more mixed reviews at the beginning, but in 2014 the album entered the top 50 progressive-metal albums of 2000s by prog-sphere magazine.[5]

Home was released in 2013 as a two songs EP after six years of no activity from the band. It consists of the band’s original song “Home” and a cover to The Mission – “Beyond The Pale”. The reviews were very supportive and created big expectations for the band’s forthcoming album.[6]

In January 2015, Subterranean Masquerade released their second album – The Great Bazaar with Kjetil Nordhus as the main vocalist and Paul Kuhr as harsh vocalist. The album is characterized with many different music styles, middle-eastern melodies and non-native metal instrument such as clarinet, flute, oud and trumpets.

In February 2015, the band announced that Eliran Weizman member of (Asgaut-band) will replace Paul Kuhr as their harsh vocalist.

In 2017, Subterranean Masquerade released their third studio album, Vagabond. The album was widely praised, with Luke Henson of The PROG Mind listing it as his favorite album of the decade in 2020 and describing it as “severely lacking in dull moments, musical errors, and wasted notes.”[7]

In February 2018, Subterranean Masquerade embarked on a 25-day European tour supporting fellow-countrymen Orphaned Land and introducing new members Davidavi (Vidi) Dolev on vocals and Yalon Schori on drums. On April 6th, 2018, the band announced[8] via their Facebook page that Nordhus and Shmuely have amicably left the band while Dolev and Schori were announced as permanent members.

In March 2019, just prior to embarking on their third European tour, Eliran Weitzman left the band, with Dolev assuming all vocal responsibilities.

In 2020 during the COVID-19 crisis, then band focused on studio work and released The Pros & Cons of Social Isolation, an album consisting of 7 reworked tracks from previous albums, as well as a cover of the Phil Collins hit Another Day in Paradise. Later that year, the band announced they signed a record deal with Sensory Records to release their next album Mountain Fever in May of 2021.


Temporary Psychotic StateEP2004
Suspended Animation DreamsFull-length2005
The Great BazaarFull-length2015
Tour Diary (in America)Single2020 
The Pros & Cons of Social IsolationEP2020 
Mountain FeverFull-length2021
Omer Fishbein
Tomer Pink
Guitars (1997-present)
Golan Farhi
Bass (2014-present)
See also: ex-Asgaut
Or Shalev
Guitars (2014-present)
Shai Yallin
Keyboards (2014-present)
Jonathan Amar
Drums (2018-present)
Davidavi Dolev
Vocals (2018-present)
See also: OmbSeventh Station, ex-Reign of the Architect, Gunned Down Horses

Past Members:

Jason William WaltonBass (2004)
See also: CelestiialSculptured, ex-Agalloch, ex-Khôrada, ex-Nothing, ex-V.B.G., Dolven, F-Space, Hiraeth Eschar, JWW (Jason W. Walton), Sleepchains, Snares of Sixes, ex-Cold Colours (live), ex-Circadian, ex-Climb to Zalem, ex-Designed 2 Fade, ex-Especially Likely Sloth, ex-Hollow Branches, ex-Indelible, ex-Remember, ex-Self Spiller, ex-Sussurrus Inanis
Tino LoSiccoDrums (2004)
See also: Ash of CedarsEpoch of UnlightIncineration, ex-Enraptured, ex-Requiem, ex-Fallen Empire (live), ex-Crisis
Jake DePolitteGuitars, Bass (2004-2014)
See also: ex-Prize Country
Paul KuhrVocals (harsh) (2004-2015)
See also: Novembers Doom, ex-These Are They, ex-Laceration, ex-Earthen, ex-Em Sinfonia
Steve LymanDrums (2005)
See also: ex-Byleth
Mike FeldmanBass (2013-2014)
See also: Novembers Doom, Heaven & Hell (Chicago), ex-Degradation
Matan ShmuelyDrums (2014-2017)
See also: Orphaned Land, ex-Armilos, ex-Azazel, ex-Edgend, ex-Matricide, ex-Stella Maris, ex-Aborted (live), ex-Distorted (live), ex-Grave in the Sky, ex-Moonskin
Kjetil NordhusVocals (2014-2018)
See also: Green CarnationNightshadows LamentTristania, Art of Departure, ex-Chain Collector, ex-Trail of Tears
Eliran WaitzmanVocals (2015-?)
See also: Asgaut
Yalon SchoriDrums (2017-2018)
Ilan AradFlute, Saxophone, Clarinet (2017)

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