Mare Infinitum: Sea Of Infinity-2011.

Mare Infinitum: Atmospheric Doom Death from Russia.


Sea of InfinityFull-length2011 
Alien Monolith GodFull-length2015 
Guitars, Bass, Programming
See also: L’Homme Absurde, ex-Who Dies in Siberian Slush
Ivan Guskov
See also: DopehazeHuntersMaze of Feelings, ex-Days of Our Mutation, Red River Hog

Past Members:

A.K. iEzorVocals, Drums
See also: Comatose Vigil A.K.DopehazeMaze of Feelings, ex-Abstract Spirit, ex-Agasfer, ex-Comatose Vigil, ex-Kein Zurück, ex-Omnicide, ex-Turbulent Pigonaut, ex-Days of Our Mutation
Roman GungrindBass (2014-2016)
(R.I.P. 2017) See also: ex-Decay of Reality, ex-Forbidden Shape, ex-L’Homme Absurde, ex-Unmercenaries, ex-Who Dies in Siberian Slush, ex-Ennui (live), ex-Кранты

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