I Am I: Event Horizon-2012.

I Am I: Power Metal from United Kingdom.


Event HorizonFull-length2012
You’re the VoiceSingle2012
See You AgainSingle2013
ZP Theart
Vocals (2012-?)
See also: PentakillSkid Row, ex-DragonHeart, ex-DragonForce, ex-Tank, ex-Shadow Warriors, ex-Easy Voodoo, ex-Santaria
Rich Smith
Drums (2013-?)
See also: Power Quest, ex-Cruel Humanity, ex-Raven Lord, ex-Aphemia
Dean Markham
Bass (2014-?)
Andrew Kopczyk
Guitars (2014-?)
See also: ex-Power Quest
Gavin Owen
Guitars (2014-?)
See also: Starstorm, ex-Power Quest, ex-Triaxis

Past Members:

Neil SalmonBass (2012-2014)
See also: Led by Voices, Six Second Silence, ex-Near Death Experiment, ex-Born Of War, ex-Structured Chaos
Paul Clark Jr.Drums (2012)
See also: ex-Hostile, ex-Manowar (live)
Phil MartiniDrums (2012-2013)
See also: Down ‘n’ Outz, The Union, ex-The Quireboys, ex-Tokyo Dragons
Jake ThorsenGuitars (2012-2013)
See also: Magnus Thorsen, Death Valley Knights
Jacob ZiembaGuitars (2012-2014)
See also: ex-Hamer, ex-Memories of Old, ex-Merithum, ex-Jade Lizard, ex-KSU, ex-Stringer
Andy MidgleyGuitars (2013-2014)
See also: ex-Neonfly, ex-Power Quest, ex-Liquid Sky

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