Divine Weep: The Omega Man-2020.

Divine Weep: Power Heavy Metal from Poland.


Demo 2010Demo2010 
Age of the ImmortalEP2013 
Age of the ImmortalSingle2014 
Tears of the AgesFull-length2015 
Austere ObscuritySingle2017 
The Omega ManFull-length2020
Drums (1995-present)
Guitars (1995-present)
See also: ex-Hermh
Janusz Grabowski
Bass (2012-present)
Dariusz Moroz
Guitars (2014-present)
Mateusz Drzewicz
Vocals (lead) (2017-present)
See also: HellhaimSubterfuge

Past Members:

Michał “Mały” OchocińskiBass
See also: ex-M.A.R.T.Y.R., ex-Parodie Sacrass, ex-Priesticide Lust, ex-Squash Bowels, ex-Immemorial Ages
Mariusz RusiłowiczBass
See also: Bright Ophidia, ex-Dominium
Wojtek BukojemskiBass
Jarek KuptelBass
See also: ex-Dead Infection, ex-Psychodrama, ex-Von Troba
Marek OleksickiVocals
See also: ex-Squash Bowels, ex-Hermh
Jacek “Hydrant”Vocals
See also: ex-Blameworthy Warlock
PrzemoGuitars (2011-2014)
Igor TarasewiczVocals (2013-2015)
Piotr JaworowiczVocals (2013)
See also: ex-Ritual
Kamil BudzińskiVocals (2016-?)
See also: ex-Hellraizer

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