Bejelit: Age Of Wars-2006.

Bejelit: Power Metal from Italy.


Bones and EvilDemo2002 
Slave of VengeanceEP2003 
Age of WarsFull-length2006 
You Die and I…Full-length2010
Don’t Give Up!EP2013
Sandro Capone
Guitars (2000-2013)
See also: ex-Temperance
Fabio Privitera
Vocals (2000-2005, 2008-2013)
See also: Aeternal Seprium, ex-Sound Storm, ex-Mirrormaze (live)
Giulio Capone
Drums, Keyboards (2001-2013)
See also: BetokenMoonlight HazeWild Steel, ex-5th Element, ex-Asidie, ex-Drakkar, ex-Pandæmonium, ex-Temperance, ex-From the Depth (live)
Marco Pastorino
Guitars (2011-2013)
See also: Cristiano Filippini’s Flames of HeavenEven FlowLight & ShadeTemperanceThe RitualVirtual Symmetry, HateTyler, ex-Light Emitter Death, ex-Secret Sphere, ex-Shining Fury, ex-Timesword
Luca Negro
Bass (2013)
See also: Even FlowLight & ShadeRevenienceTemperanceThe Ritual

Past Members:

Elia NaniBass (2000-2001)
Alessio BiscegliaDrums (2000-2001)
Giorgio NovarinoBass (2001-2013)
See also: King Wraith, ex-Crystal Empire
Alex “Azark” AzaraGuitars (2001-2002)
Salvatore GuzzardiGuitars (2002-2003)
Daniele GenuguGuitars (2003-2010)
See also: Killin’ KindKing Wraith
Tiberio NataliVocals (2005-2007)
Jacopo BersanGuitars (2011)

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