Age Of Nemesis: Psychogeist-2006.

Age Of Nemesis: Proggressive Metal from Hungary.


Terra IncognitaFull-length2007
György Tolmacsov
See also: ex-Philadelphia, ex-ZBB
Gábor Krecsmarik
Drums, Bass, Vocals (2005-?)
See also: ex-Belfegor, ex-Classica, ex-Nemesis, ex-Empire
Zoltán Fabián
Guitars, Vocals (2005-?)
See also: ex-Nemesis, ex-Wellington, ex-Jericho
György Nagy
Keyboards (2005-?)
See also: ex-Nemesis, ex-Dreyelands, ex-Wellington, ex-Jericho
Zoltán Kiss
Vocals (2005-?)
See also: ChronologyEgo Project, ex-Belfegor, ex-Classica, ex-ZBB, ex-Nemesis, Iron Maidnem, ex-Wisdom (live), ex-Insecta

Past Members:

László NagyDrums (2005-?)
See also: ex-Nemesis, ex-Kalapács, ex-Sámán

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