Haunt: Beautiful Distraction-2021.

Haunt are an American heavy metal band from Fresno, California. The band was originally created as a solo project by Trevor William Church. As such, he is technically the only original member in the lineup. Church is also the sole songwriter and lyricist in the group.[1]

Haunt was originally formed by Trevor William Church as a musical project to be worked on alongside his existing band Beastmaker; the project was to take on a traditional metal sound as opposed to Beastmaker’s doom metal style. In 2017 Church wrote and recorded Haunt’s debut release, the extended play Luminous Eyes, with Daniel Wilson playing drums for the recording. It was first released digitally, as an independent release, but it later received physical releases from the Shadow Kingdom Records label.

In 2018, Church wrote and recorded one single for Haunt, Ghosts. Later that same year, Haunt released their first full-length studio album, Burst into Flame. Daniel Wilson returned to play drums for the album, this time as an official band member. Joining Church and Wilson for the album were Matthew Wilhoit on bass and John Tucker on guitar. Both Wilson and Tucker would stay as permanent members, but Wilhoit would be replaced by Taylor Hollman on following releases.

In 2019, Haunt released their second EP, (Mosaic Vision) their second studio album, (If Icarus Could Fly) and two split albums. (A Fool’s Paradise / On the Streets Again and Sea of Dreams / The Crystal Temple). The following year they released their third and fourth studio albums, titled Mind Freeze and Flashback respectively, as well as the Burst into Demos compilation.[2][3][1][4]


Luminous EyesEP2017
Burst into FlameFull-length2018
Mosaic VisionEP2019
If Icarus Could FlyFull-length2019
A Fool’s Paradise / On the Streets AgainSplit2019
Sea of Dreams / The Crystal TempleSplit2019
Mind FreezeFull-length2020
Burst into DemosCompilation2020 
Beautiful DistractionFull-length2021
Daniel “Wolfy” Wilson
See also: ex-Hymn of Rlyeh
Trevor William Church
Vocals, Guitars, Bass
See also: BeastmakerHysteria, ex-Inside the Sun, ex-Worship of Keres, ex-Wolf Ghost
Taylor Hollman
Bass (2018-present)
John Tucker
Guitars (2018-present)
See also: BeastmakerHysteria
Andres Alejandro Saldate
Drums (2020-present)
See also: Beastmaker

Past Members:

Matthew WilhoitBass (2018)
See also: Worship of Keres, Blacked, ex-Bog Oak

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